Apps Like Showbox Top 12 Best Alternatives

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Welcome Folks, Apps like showbox are prime requirement for many movie lovers. You also require tv shows, drama and other entertainment package from apps like showbox. I also got some great information about movie apps for android like showbox. Showbox is one of the most used and renowned apps for watching free movies and videos and downloading it. It is also a TV show and movie and video streaming app for android phones.

What Is ShowBox App

Free contents can be browsed and downloaded with the help of this app smoothly and efficiently. If one is not able to watch the favourite shows in the T.V at home, then he or she may just open the Showbox application in the phone or any other android device and enjoy the desired video. If you using smartphone then must try these free games without wifi for android and ios.

The best part of this app is no subscription required to use this app, and it is entirely free. No time restriction is given in this app which mean one can go through the video anytime anywhere in High Definition. Moreover, Showbox is now available for iOS too.  Here is a list of few apps which might be used as a substitute for Showbox app:-

Movie Apps Like ShowBox

apps like showbox top alternatives

1. Hotstar

Hotstar app is also very well known part of movie apps like showbox when it comes to showing live videos or movies or recorded videos. One can access the video contents to their desired quality. One demerit of this app is, it needs the subscription for direct streaming of live videos otherwise they show five minutes delayed streaming. Moreover, not all the contents could be accessed from here. Only those materials will be obtained which are related to Star group of entertainment. Hotstar app is also known for its lagging behaviour and getting hanged at times.

2. PlayBox HD

Play Box HD is one of the best alternative of apps like Showbox. All the features are as fresh as the Showbox itself, but the difference is just that Play Box HD app uses a blue theme for its entire application. It also requires device with better screen size for better display. The demerit of this app is, sometimes it may hang or shut down automatically. It can be considered the clone of the Showbox app.

3. HBO Now 

HBO Now is also a very renowned app across the globe which is very popular for hosting talk shows, amazing and exclusive movies the movies come in weekly as well as the daily basis. One can use the app free for one month. It keep a great place in the alternatives of apps like showbox for iPhone.

4. is also a good substitute of other apps like Showbox as it is minimal in space requirement as compared to other apps of same use. This app allows free access to movies, videos and different related contents. It just requires an account to be used for logging in. This app like showbox also comes with additional features which are available on various social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, i.e. comments and voting. If you are a music lover and want to some unblocked music sites then check these music sites.

5. Popcorn Time

This app comes with supports all operating systems. It is also able to start very quickly as compared to similar apps. There is a vast number of language subtitles to be chosen from. The demerit or drawback of this app is, it has one bug which is still not fixed due to which the app crashes at any time. This app like showbox is also a great option in the category of apps like showbox for android.

6. Duckie TV

It is also a type of substitute which is more user-friendly and user-defined. Once fed, it will show the TV shows you like and also gives you regular notifications about it. This app searches for the required contents on various sites thus reducing the labour for the user.

7. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is also a very impressive application. It is only available for Android Operating System. This streaming app like showbox allows sharing movie links to others straightforwardly and conveniently. It also allows switching between various video players. A large number of subtitles are also provided in this app.

8. Sky HD

Sky HD provides one of the most excellent picture qualities than any of the similar applications. It offers flawless access to movies and videos even live. Sky HD has a massive pile of movies and TV shows list. It is not free to use and require a high pixel density to view High Definition contents. I can say that Sky HD is a great place in the table of movie apps for iPhone like showbox.

9. Hulu

Hulu app is also one of the substitutes for the Show Box like apps. It is well known to give fresh and latest contents. Use of this app provides one a lot of enjoyment when it comes to getting the most recent contents. Moreover, it is entirely free to use the app.

10. Streamza

Streamza app is straightforward and easy to use. It supports all operating systems including the iOS and Linux. It has one more additional feature of connecting with friends. This application requires a conventional browser and do not need any supplemental program to be installed or downloaded.

11. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV can be used as the suitable source to stream a vast range of videos, movies, serials and live TV as well. It is entirely free to use service, and no complaints regarding any bugs or inconvenience have been reported. Moreover, it also provides subtitles in different languages which helps to connect with large number of people across the globe. Terrarium gives you a great choice in the list of movie apps like showbox for android.

Apps Like Putlocker


Reliance launched the JIO TV app which is also one of the best apps for online video streaming. It gives access to more than five hundred live channels and an option to switch between SD and HD modes. The list of channel is across ten genres and 15 different languages. The only disadvantage of using this app is it requires a login with a JIO sim.

Otherwise, it will not work. The JIO TV app is top-rated in India because a significant share of the telecom industry is taken by Reliance Telecom with the help of JIO. This app is a great choice in the category of free movie apps like showbox.


So, these were a few apps like showbox for ios and android which one might select according to requirement and compatibility as the substitute of Showbox. Few apps may not work good in some countries while some may give the best performance in some countries, so the apps should be selected keeping all these factors in mind. Enjoy streaming and use an app free of viruses and malware.

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