Free Games Without Wifi For Android And iPhone User

Hello everyone, I think, you will need some free games without wifi for your smartphone in 2018. Games without wifi are convenient for the user who belongs to a low-quality internet area. These free games without wifi help people in their educational and intellectual development. No wifi games free also entertain you in your sad and enjoyable time. So these no wifi games are better options for your mobile device to enjoy and learn.

Importance of No Wifi Games

No wifi Games have always been an essential part of every living creature on this plant it could be human beings, animals, birds etc.  It teaches to children from their childhood that they should always devote some of their time to some of the other sport they wish to play. It not only makes them active but also works as stress busters. Some of the people adopt these as their life, for them playing the free games without wifi is one of the most requirements of their life.

When we talk about playing no wifi games, kids have the time to go to the playground and play there with their friends. But what about the grown-ups?  Do they don’t need to play wifi free games? I think they are the ones who require this the most. And how can we ignore the octogenarians, what will they do the whole day sitting at home as they can’t go out and run in the playground? So free games without internet are something that requires for every age group people. These no wifi games or free games without wifi are very important for present people life to educate, learn and entertain.

Why You Need Games Without Wifi

Now since the technology has got so advanced that nothing is impossible, and the solution to the above-stated problem is available today. Every person has a very close and every possible time friend that is an android phone. Just it requires is a charger and all is done.

Every Android has a feature of supporting no wifi games that could either be played online or few of them that once downloaded can be played offline. Since at every place the facility of the internet may not be available hence playing offline is a better option in this condition.

free games without wifi no 2018

Top Free Games Without Wifi

Here is the list of few top-rated free games without wifi that can hold you to them which could be played on your androids or the laptops anytime without the data connection on:


It is one of the most liked racing games without wifi of the cars. Asphalt 8 is downloaded the most even in the gone the year 2017, with a memory requirement of 4 GB. The graphics of it are amazing and provides the player with the moving cars, tracks, and the heart stealing modes. It is available in the play stores of various androids and even to Windows 8 and 10. Guys also check best apk mod games


Shadow fight is another one of the addictive action no wifi games. This game Provides the player with numerous weapons and a feature of martial arts. The player is the hero who has to reach the destination by defeating his foes on the way. The player could select different styles of fighting, it is his call which one he wants to choose and play.


Everyone is nowadays aware of zombies, the walking dead. Make the plan to grow your plants which are at the risk of getting damaged by the deadly zombies. You need to protect it from the unusual zombie shooter plants like peashooter, cherry bombs, and many more. So hold your breaths to kill those destroyers by your plant warriors to stop them from reaching your home with the excellent graphics. It is every time updated with the new features at the play stores.


Crashlands is an action game for which you need to pay an amount 5$ to 10$, and then you will go to the battle land that is an alien planet. You need to gather upon your resources using various weapons being provided to you. The graphics contained are extraordinary and is worth the money paid for it. This adventurous game supported by windows and androids.


Get ready to invade the northernmost icy region and destroy the monster living beneath the glaciers and the mountainsides and win over it. The soothing eye visualisation holds the player tight and maintains his interest in the game.

It comes with various exciting features discovered at different stages.


This game bases on the traditional gaming graphics that is pixelated graphics. It involves the collection of various objects mainly weapons that help the player to fight with the enemies on the path and finally reach the point where he gets the AMULET OF YENDOR. Though it sounds simple, it holds a large number of surprising features within it to make it enjoyable.


It is one the most played games play without wifi of the previous year that has different levels which are completed after defeating the dark dragon at the end. The entire game has dark effects that suit the plot of the game and makes it interesting.


An extraordinary skating experience for the users is available in this game. It’s not just pure skaters, but different kinds of skills are available that get updated into more explosive one once the player becomes expert in the old ones. You need to collect coins and the power-ups during skating. It is available for free on the play stores.


Get ready to kill the other worms by the weapons in the form of worms. Player gets an extensive choice in selecting the demon, and each demon has the characteristic feature in killing the other demons. It needs a strategy to play this game and win it. The game with amazing graphics is available at a price of around 5 to 10$.


An arcade game which consists of the ball that destroys everything that comes up its path. The objects are 3 D figures with proper geometry and colours that enhance the visual effects of the game. Adequate sound effects are also provided at each smash.


Infinity loop is a puzzle game in which a player needs to make the infinite loop pattern. The objects are moved in such a manner so that they form a loop with no ends. It is a sort of enjoyment with a mental exercise.


In this game, you need to strategise the plot. The player navigates through the various places with various obstructions in between including silver balls, snippet rifles, etc.  It consists of multiple levels and is available at a price 1 to 5$ (depend on country). And very effect daguerreotype. It is one of the prevalent non wifi games of the year 2017.


Baldur’s gate is a role-playing game available at the amount of Rs.475. The player is first caught and put as a prisoner. Your objective here is then to escape from the prison and set yourself free. On this mission, you will be facing various enemies such as dragons, soldiers etc. Different tracks are available with perfect visualisation.


It is an offensive no internet games free which can be paid by paying an amount of around Rs. 366. The tagline says “PLAY DEAD”. The player is a boy who is in a scary land to find his sister. On the way considers various obstacles that he has to overcome and finally reach his destination. Sometimes it provides the user with multiple puzzles.


Another category of racing is traffic rider. It gives a virtual feel of driving in bikes in the atmosphere of traffic with the ample of bikes and tracks. It offers a feature of real biking noise recorded from the actual bikes that give the player a feel for real bike riding with excellent visualisation.


Free games without wifi are helping people very much in their many fields. These no wifi games free are giving them a good direction and making their life enjoyable. So, if you are also have a smartphone then load these games without wifi for good effect. I think, you read then complete content and detail about these non wifi games. You can also check unblocked music sites for school and college folks.

So, thank you for reading my point of view about these free games without wifi. If you want any other details about these no internet games free then please comment below and ask me, i will help you to find your answers. You can also share your your suggestions and other information in comment. If you find this article helpful then please share it with other people so then also get it.

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