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Sites like Couchtuner are helpful for people who love to watch TV Shows online. These alternatives of Couchtuner gives you great support to view your favorite and latest TV episodes without a cost of the penny. I always love Couchtuner because of its smoothness and extensive database.

There are many episodes and seasons you can not find at Couchtuner because it is impossible to upload every event for free. So I also check sites like Couchtuner to watch some particular episodes or TV series. I found something fascinating and handy sites similar to CouchTuner.

Importance of Sites Like Couchtuner

First I will tell you something more about Couchtuner before offering some details about sites like Couchtuner. Couchtuner is a leading platform to watch online TV series without a cost and registration. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows latest episodes in a minimum time after the release on TV.

There are many highly rated and favorite TV shows like Arrow, breaking bed and others available on this website. I think, you also know about other specialties of Couchtuner like availability of data, no sign-up, minimum ads and catchy User Interface.

If you are here and looking for Couchtuner like sites, then you also expect to get same quality sites as Couchtuner. I collected many numbers of places for Couchtuner alternatives, but only some of them match the Couchtuner properties. These streaming sites like Couchtuner will give you a great collection of data and standard quality for your better experience.

Now I am going to write about these similar sites to Couchtuner for your uses. Please read all the details then decide which site is useful in your opinion. Here are the best ten websites like Couchtuner to look for Online Streaming.

Sites Like Couchtuner

1. Global TV

Global TV is my first choice in the box of free streaming sites like Couchtuner. Reason for the first choice is that this website holds a rich User interface or clean look. They provide three or four options for users like TV shows, live channels and also offer the Television channels schedule for users.

If you want to access this webpage, then you need to make an account there. It is only one thing in Global Television that gives it a demerit point for some users.

Global TV contains an extensive database of television Shows and full episodes for you to watch. So, In my opinion, you just need to try this site to Watch best shows and Live channels.

2. Series 9

It is another appreciable packet in the container of sites like Couchtuner. My friends love this website to watch their shows. They always tell me to look this website. I like its design mostly that is the reason it exists in this list. So, I think you will love this site also for your entertainment purpose. Series 9 cover lots of online and offline Shows and Live TV channels with every episode.

3. Watch-Series

This website is very similar to Couchtuner on mostly property. Watch-Series looks good on every proposition. It contains a handy search bar to find your most-liked episodes of various television Series.

There is a register and sign in option also need to access this website. You can check other types of data like movies, animes, drams and some others.

4. My Dare Watch

My Dare Wach is another excellent alternative to Couchtuner that you will love to watch your original TV show’s episodes. This website gives you great offers in term of latest online series episodes. This Couchtuner alternative keeps a sizeable looking navigation system, search bar and a watchful slider of TV-Shows.

It includes many other additional resources like the collection of old and new movies, box office collection updates and an option of the request for some of their users. I think this website keeps rich resources of  offline episodes and films.

sites like couchtuner

5. Tubi TV

This site like Couchtuner is my personal favorite in all of these top sites like Couchtuner. This website looks like a gem in comparison to all others website like Couchtuner. This webpage has a best design and module as compared to other options.

You need to create an account to access offline data on this website. After login, you will find online and television shows categorize according to their genre that makes it a very user-friendly.

This Couchtuner like the site is free and also contain the low number of ads. So, you get a great experience of watching your TV shows episodes.

6. Cucirca

Cucirca is also a good option in term of finding latest shows episodes. If you are looking for other valid sites like Couchtuner, then this site has some low components. It is an old website with a simple user interface. You can not find some quality services on this website, but it covers an extensive database of old and new offline episodes.

I think you will get your TV episodes which you want to see on this website. Its an average alternative of Couchtuner but some of the guys loved it for its vast data collection.

7. Hulu

Hulu is favorite for some people. Some people don’t love this website because it’s paid and expensive for many users. This alternative looks impressive as many others sites like Couchtuner. Hulu contains a large container of TV shows from many big series.

There are many people from the whole world love their content and its qualities of videos. Hulu is a perfect website with only one disadvantage of not free. If you have some dollars, then please try it you will get the fantastic collection on it.

8. Tube Plus

Tube Plus looks right option in the category of free sites like Couchtuner. It also keeps the extensive database of new movies and TV episodes. So, Tube plus also has a vast variety range of different kind of episodes and films.

This website is not needed any login and register option. There is a right designed type of search bar for your experience.

9. Putlockers

Putlockers is a search engine to find shows, series and new films for your enjoyment. This site like Couchtuner supports an enormous box of movies, online series, and offline TV show’s episodes.

I always love Putlockers because of content available on it. You need to try this site once in your lifetime. Some of my friends loved this option of sites like Couchtuner very much.There are some sites like putlockers also exist if you are addicted with it.

10. Alluc

Last but not least Alluc is a better component in a house of streaming Sites like Couchtuner. You love this place after using for your movies and TV shows. I think you will get your desired episodes from this site. There are many movies, and online series collection exist in this site database. So try this other sites like Couchtuner also for finding some best enjoyable data.


So, folks, I did my task with high responsibility to find you some Couchtuner sites like for watching new and old television Shows and Web episodes. If you did not like anything and had some great place that I left in this process, then please share it with me in the comment below.

You can share your views on this alternative that you like not them. Please share this content with others that will help us also.

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