Sites Like Craigslist 15 Alternatives For Ads Posting In 2018

sites like craigslist

Sites like craigslist make your life easier to find best jobs, sales work, and other services. For the publisher, these sites like craigslist offer excellent services regarding housing and personal sales. In my opinion, you also find this kind of stuff for your business or personal use. So, I collect some excellent data from sites like craigslist for your various and vital applications.

About Craigslist

In the world of advancing technology, whatever we want whether it’s related to studies, shopping, advertisement and even everything that we can think of offers available on the Internet. But now refine this we want that maximum of the things should be a necessary on a single platform.

Suppose when we use Facebook we can connect with people, we can share our thoughts, advertise, and much more.

Craigslist is also a similar American website which has different vicinity for jobs, services, personals, housing, gigs, resumes and even the discussion forum.

It is one the standard platform for arranging dates, accommodations and for people searching jobs. But many times craigslist has been involved in controversial matters.

Hence various websites like craigslist are being explored to overcome the shortcomings of using craigslist. Following are the top 15 sites like craigslist:

Sites Like Craigslist To Post Free Ads

1. eBay

Which shopping freak in India is not aware of eBay? This craigslist alternative is not only for shopping; you can even sell you products on eBay. Most of the products are delivered through the mail while there are also some local pickup points for the bulky products. eBay even provide eBay classifieds which is not much popular but is a step ahead of craigslist.

You can search for anything and everything your mind can think of and even sell your owned products. This alternative keeps a great place in the ranking of 15 best sites like craigslist. It is also one of the option in the category of online selling sites like craigslist.


2. Olx

One of the most famous sites OLX is something far beyond craigslist. It offers you a variety of products such as books, furniture, electronics, and everything you intend to buy are represented on this single platform with the trusted sellers.

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his craigslist alternative is not only famous in India, but its versatile range of products has made it faddish among other countries. It even allows searching for the jobs on the single click. Go for selling and purchasing the brew you urge on Olx site or app.


3. OfferUp

A top-rated app for Android and iPhone: offer up allows you enter a virtual marketplace at your home. It allows its users to buy the product with full security. This website even gives its user’s a chance to become the seller by selling their products at their price.

When you talk price security, offer up app asks the buyers for it to provide the ID verification for ensuring that the buyers are interacting with a genuine seller.

Today Facebook is something with which every user is aware of, offer up even tells you if there are some mutual friends between the buyer and seller. In sites like craigslist personals, OfferUp is an essential site for your use.

4. Trovit

Trovit is a very compact platform in the mixture of other sites like craigslist where you can search for home, cars, and jobs. It is available in almost all the countries in the world.

From the above-stated categories, all you need to do is just click on them, and you will be redirected to a new page. There you can add up the various filters, search in the neighborhood areas, etc.

trovit sites like craigslist

5. Oodle

Oodle has almost the categories of sales as are involved in craigslist laying more emphasis upon the following three main types namely: housing, vehicles, and pets. Its user-friendly approach helps the user to find the product they are looking for, contact their sellers and bring the things home just on a single click.

You can plan the meeting with the seller your complete the transaction after you are satisfied. The services provided are of utmost quality and security.

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6. Facebook

When you hear of Facebook the first thing that strikes your mind is the bulk connection with your friends and family. But have you ever tries the fantastic feature of Facebook that allows its users to sell or buy the products? Yes, Facebook is just like a local marketplace where you can sell the used or the new products by just adding up few details to allow the buyer to contact you.

You can post it directly by creating a page of yours and post or the groups by adding up the members, and there you go to become a seller. So now you can contact your natives and enjoy shopping too at the same time.

7. Geebo

An alternative site for craigslist, geebo helps you to sell or buy the products of merchandise (clothing, appliances, electronics, etc.), construction (forestry, heavy equipment, trucks, etc.), vehicles, real estate, employment etc. in the specifies communities. The user can search for the various categories and can post their products over it.

geebo craigslist alternative

8. Backpage

Backpage has a local page for almost every city in the world. You can search for anything you wish to buy or sell by just searching for the lists or by creating new ones for yours.

The interactive site with amazing graphics has made it easier to be used by the users. So sellers can go for selling their products with the descriptions and buyers can go for buying products they urge for on this craigslist alternative.

9. classifiedAds

Most of you must have observed the classifieds page in the newspaper where you can search jobs, houses, plots etc. classified ads is almost similar to it with a difference that it also includes the uploaded images of the products. You can post the ads for free over here.

Classifies ads with a basic site approach contains categories such as vehicles, community, jobs, pets, personals and many more. BackPage somehow keeps a useful place in the bank of free classified sites like craigslist.

10. Peerhub

Peerhub with the endless variety of product available, like craigslist, allows you to buy or sell them online across the country. Payment can be by card, cash or steam currency.

Peerhub you to connect through the facebook or any other email address of yours. It is being proved as one of the best personals like craigslist.

peerhub sites like craigslist

11. Hoobly

By providing the free of cost posting to the seller, Hobbly is one the most popular alternative to craigslist. It is almost similar to craigslist where you can find anything you can think of on just a single click. On its homepage, you will be introduced to a variety of categories such as art, books, clothing, accessories, and many more.

Just get yourself register on the site and post the ads free of cost and buy the products you are intending to buy. Hoobly is one of the best in the other websites like craigslist for sales and personals user.

12. Trove Market

Are you are thinking of buying second-hand furniture in the best quality; trove market is the best place you can go for it. This craigslist alternative even allows you to discover the nearby friends using it, thereby providing you a time saving and interactive shopping for the home furniture.

The user need not pay to sign up for the trove market. Just use it free of cost and sell the furniture with the cost you wish to get in return of it.

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13. Letgo

Letgo yet another alternative to craigslist offer you an endless variety of products to sell upon or to buy. Users can search for the products arranged in different sections provided such as fashion, clothing, etc., thereby giving the site a clean and a crisp look.

Letgo app provides you a safe and secure selling and buying of products as before creating a profile upon it you need to verify your Google or Facebook account.

14. Ads Globe

Ads Globe is just like an online newspaper where you can post the ads for nearly everything for example real estates, pets, rent, merchandise etc. if you are a business person you can post the ads about your business pages, services, communities can post about their events, classes and much more.

The site is straightforward to handle both for the buyer and the seller.

15. Close5

Another best competition to Craigslist is Close5. It is subdivided into categories like jobs, selling of products, events, products on rent, etc.

The graphics of the images provided are soothing rather than boring stuff. The user can even arrange the items in the result presented in the order they want according to the price or any other parameter. The only drawback of it is that you can’t find the section of personals else everything provided is up to the mark with the user-friendly interface.

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