10 Sites Like Putlockers Or Working Putlocker alternatives

Sites Like Putlockers are the sections to receive the video files of the freshest films, cartoons, and shows on the online medium. First thing, I crave to say to you that putlocker is the advanced version of the putlockers new site. Sometimes people search for the older version and will get the update related to the new putlocker site.

I am considering both of them as a single place where you can collect your component of entertainment. It is never easy to find sites like putlockers because of the legal and safety issues.

Due to the popularity of the internet, In nowadays people only consider the quality sites and putlocker alternatives to be part of this essential collections. In the following article, I am going to offer the knowledge of sites like putlockers in two steps one steps contain the information of putlockers new name then I reach the explanation of putlocker alternative and supply one by one option.

Putlocker9 or Potlocker Site (Putlockers new name)

Putlockers new site is known as putlocker9 or potlocker between the followers or new generation guys who love this place from their heart.  As I say, this putlockers new site can significantly help people due to the addition of tv shows and anime for their audience. According to the research or by practical examples, I can say putlocker alternatives will help you to watch cartoons, TV shows, drama, particular series episodes and music files that increase the level of your entertainment.

We entirely desire to gain admittance to watching any movie that you and I want online, but we end up doing a fruitless searching for hours on the internet for the right movie sites like putlockers where we can freely watch what we want to.

Even after hours of search, some places will lead you to the content you wish to, while some will lead you to spam-my pages that are far away from what you want. However, Putlockers film is one of those sites which helps us to watch the flicks we aspire to do with zero detriments.

Now numerous folks ask me about the safety of putlocker website, and I always give them a proper answer that depends on your geographical location on the internet. I can not decide it, depends on the country legal terms and conditions with movies and video files.


PutLockers.is is one of the ordinary leading free online streaming tools amidst drama windmills on the internet. This putlocker. Is the previous version is remarkable not only for its limitless streaming movie possibilities but also for the unblocked movies at school and informal to use user interface. This version of putlockers has a genuine search possibility which can help you access the video you ache with the right keywords.

Sites Like PutLockers

sites like putlockers

While Putlockers.is encounters quandaries, several clone localities try to copy what it does, but hardly anyone achieves the success. Hence, Some putlocker alternative with many pops up ads, malware links, and seldom misleading title ruins the overall experience people want while watching movies online.

Spammy clones are so frustrating, but with our extensive research, I have achieved to provide you ten sites like putLockers or alternatives that work online with the quality user experience.

1) SolarMovies

Solar Movie is considered as a part for the aggregation of sites like putlockers. It excellently displays a highly advanced search option for any movie you want to stream similar to the putlockers new site without going through the sign-up.

The home page of the SolarMoviz consists of famous films and also the most recent ones. SolarMovies also comes with a rating option where rating and details of the movie you want to watch are added which helps you in deciding what you want to stream.

solarmovies putlocker alternative

After opening this solar movies site, You will process through a home page that keeps a similar look to google search engine page. In the search engine page, you can search your titles of the flicks and tv series. If the page showing error then uses https version to reach the unblocked places.

Url: https://solarmovie.cab/

2) Rainiertamayo

Rainiertamayo is a website or movie streaming token that you can use in your free time on your computer or handset. It is top class putlocker1 like web resource that you can see in this list of similar choices. After going through lots of constraints this web place available for flick stream in different countries. As a movies lover, you require to access this webpage for tv show collection with right episodes link or servers.

To access the films here, reach to the webpage then click on the thumbnail or image hovering with your title after that a descriptive report of that film appears in front of your eyes. Read it if you keep the interest in the synopsis of a flick and other ratings of movie portals then go through the server links exist on the page.

 Putlockers New Site Or Similar Sites In the Video. Check below here

3) 123Movies

123Movie full site Is the massive site for an HD movie experience you can even download movies you want in 123movies. The interface of 123Movies is particularly pleasing and is fittest for a cinephile. You can readily suggest it as a putlocker alternatives for your loved one who keeps the same movie site test as yours.

123Movie helps you in picking movies country wise which means if say you want to watch a Korean movie 123Movie can help you achieve that.

On this website home page, primarily people got the content that is running through the cinemas or released in the last two or three weeks. If you are curious with some flick, then use it to get lots of watching channels for the movies.

Site Source: https://123movie.cc/

4) Fmovies.to

FMovies is added leading online movie steam website which renders content with prime quality and that too for free also wholly with no advertisements at all on the site.

The FMovies even allows you to download movies and their subtitles. This site like putlocker has a far-reaching collection of videos from old to new for this reason its one of the location in the list of sites like putlockers as I am writing about them.

fmovies putlockers new site

5) Watchmoviesfree.us

Watchmoviefree is coming out as one auspicious flick suppliers similar to other sites like putlockers. This internet source has precisely enough flicks compilation just like the putlockers new site with an appealing interface. You can use it through an easy to use the search option.

This free film provider has the adequate range of genres such as horror, sports, family and drama to follow. You can fancy watching movies from any country by passing through the “country” button. It is placed on the top menu bar of this putlocker alternative.

You can think with such extensive collection and services they are offering without getting any money. It’s obvious how much they are concerned about their viewer’s experience and entertainment.

6) Viooz

Viooz is a limitless movie viewing site which also comes with a feature for downloading videos and watching it offline. It’s a perfect website for someone looking for a table of putlocker like sites.

7) MovieNight

movienight in sites like putlockers

MovieNight has a straightforward interface used for watching movies and TV shows online. This website is another favorite choice in the list for an alternative site to Putlockes. MovieNight is entirely free and doesn’t charge you anything for streaming movies online.

Even though you will find lots of ads on this website, but they give you a chance to remove all ads for 24 hours just by sharing whatever you are watching on their website.

Even though it doesn’t have as big a movie database like PutLockers, it still has enough simplicity that can make it accessible in streaming sites like putlockers.

Source: movienight.ws

8) Movie4K

Movie4K has exception storage of several movies which you can keep on watching for as long as you want.

This putlocker alternative has films perfectly organized according to letter, order, and type which gives it a perfect option to be in top free movie sites like putlockers. You can also look into the rainierland movies for more entertainment sites.

9) Netflix

Netflix is the central plug of the internet for the present time people because of the all-time availability and content performance. It is making exclusive shows and movies with including the superstars of Hollywood and other film industries also.

Now you are thinking about, how can I consider Netflix for sites like putlocker. It is not hard for me because the performance of their new releasing content that hitting its name in my mind every time I visualize anything related to movie sites. You can enjoy first month free that is increasing its inclusion in this kind of list.

10) Youtube

Youtube is a video streaming portal, but nowadays You can say it is the most extensive library of videos online. Many playlists keep a box of movies and tv related content uploaded by many people. If you are facing internet issues, then previous sites like putlockers cannot work for you, but youtube supplies the service in a difficult time.


It’s good to know sites like putlockers and new website to keep  entertained with a satisfying variety of results. It’s also good to keep on varying different movie database and not just stick to one. All of these are completely free, some may come with specific policies. However overall these are the websites like PutLocker to watch movie online.

I think you got complete information about putlocker new site and alternatives of it that you want from my side. If you like this content, then please share it with other people on social media’s.

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  1. Thank you for this comprehensive review. My family loves to watch movies whenever we are free so this is helpful. We tend to switch to different sites because of some reasons like, Ads that are popping up during the watch. I am looking specifically with sites with lesser ads as much as possible. I was looking for one and since the internet provides the information you need, I found a similar article. You can also check this one out. I am watching movies now on putlockers or putlocker. I use yify from that list. So far I don’t have any issues yet.

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