10 Well-known Baby Boy Names That Start With C

Got the news that you are soon going to be a parent? Thoughts of naming your baby boy or girl must have flickered through your mind about a hundred times.

If you are fond of beautiful and well-known baby boy names starting with C, there will never be any shortage of options. 

Well, a name leading with C showcases someone who possesses powerful instincts and bravery. However, parents often have a dilemma while picking out an apt one for their baby as it is enormously a daunting task. 


Ten Awesome Names Beginning with ‘C’ for Boys

Families often opt for some unpopular and outdated names to their descendants after relatives; it might not work. That’s why CocoFinder helps you to narrow down your search by providing a top-notch list of renowned baby names. 

Without wasting much time, let’s have a glimpse of its favorite picks for baby boy names that lead with C.

  • Christopher

The name ‘Christopher’ has acquired 66 rankings in popularity, which means ‘bearing Christ.’ Being the second most famous baby boy’s name and its Greek origin has showcased parent’s profound love for this name! 

It belonged to a popular name of ancient Christians, who desired to flaunt their commitment by bearing Christ in their sacred hearts and names. Eventually, it has become more profane and well-known for the Christopher Robin character. 

  • Charles

You must want your baby boy to grow up as an independent person, that’s why the name ‘Charles’ will suit his personality. This German-originated name means ‘free man,’ where it has ranked 78 in popularity. 

Here come the famous personalities named ‘Charles,’ the father of evolution, ‘Charles Darwin,’ the silent movie star ‘Charlie Chaplin,’ and jazz performer ‘Charlie Parker.’ So, naming him ‘Charles’ will be a well-known baby boy name starting with C!

  • Calvin

The meaning of this name, ‘Calvin,’ resembles every newborn as it means ‘little bald one.’ It could be an old and a bit outdated name; still, it has a significant craze, and so many parents love this one! 

That’s why it’s never been out of trend and rose again because of the eminent president Calvin Coolidge. If you have conceived a boy and want him to be intuitive, ingenious, and well-known, picking out ‘Calvin’ will be a leading choice. 

Who has not heard of renowned fashion designer Calvin Klein? This top-notch name will have you grabbing all the feels!

  • Caden

The meaning of this name, ‘Caden,’ is not so enchanting or alluring due to its meaning ‘lumpish or round.’ You might have heard of a shorter derivation of Mac Cadain, a leading Gaelic last name, which means ‘the son of Cadain.’ 

One of the most conventional yet well-known baby boy names starting with C got massive acceptance in the 1990s. As with various other currently innovated names, ‘Caden’ has other varieties too, which are ‘Kayden,’ ‘Kaden,’ and ‘Caiden.’

  • Clayton

‘Clayton’ came from an ancient English surname, which means ‘clay settlement.’ It is a leading vintage baby boy name that also resonates among American parents. The famous YouTube stars, athletes, and musicians have the name of ‘Clayton.’ 

You should know the famous Los Angeles Dodgers, ‘Clayton Kershaw.’ Apart from a baby boy’s name, it is also a popular one as it is a leading summer vacation destination in New York. 

  • Corbin

The name ‘Corbin’ has emerged from an English surname, ‘Corbeau,’ which means ‘crow’ or ‘raven.’ Moreover, it’s also a resemblance of a person with darker hair. If your baby boy is born with natural dark black or brown hair, ‘Corbin’ would be an excellent fit for him! 

Therefore, a well-known baby boy name starting with C as ‘Corbin’ is the name of well-known American actor Corbin Bernsen, Corbin Allred, Corbin Harney, and eminent football player Corbin Kaufusi. 

  • Colton

The popular name ‘Colton’ emerged from the ancient English, which calls on the stern darkness of coal mining. Therefore, Americans used to pronounce it as ‘coal town,’ where it means ‘swarthy person or dark-colored person.’ 

Direct to the point of unsophistication, it has become a diamond in the aggressive among boys’ names with its appealing ‘on’ suffix. You must know the American idol participant Colton Dixon, and actor Colton Haynes. It has ranked 91 amid popularity of boys’ names in the USA.

  • Carlos

Apart from its Spanish and Portuguese origination, ‘Carlos’ is one of the most well-known baby boy names starting with C in America too! It has magnified kings of Portugal, Spain, and also a sacred Roman ruler. 

Who does not even know the famous guitarist Carlos Santana, who fused Latin American music and rock to fetch us all-time hits like ‘Oye Como Va?’ It has various offshoots, among which ‘Carlo’ and ‘Carlito’ are famous. 

  • Camden 

The well-known baby boy’s name ‘Camden’ has prolonged been utilized for both people and place names. It has ranked 280 in popularity in both Scotland and the USA. It is more like an Anglo name, which means winding valley. 

The name could be more popular because of the New Jersey city and the Campbell soup organization. The addition of the letter ‘M’ outweighs it and provides top-notch accreditation to its offshoot, Kaden.

  • Cruz

The popular name ‘Cruz’ became a meaningful and well-known one before Victoria, as David Beckham gifted this moniker to their youngest son in 2005. It has a perfect mélange of Portuguese and Spanish culture, where it means ‘cross,’ and it mainly refers to Jesus Christ’s holy crucifix. 

Apart from that, it has also emerged from the Latin term ‘crusis,’ which is pronounced ‘krooz.’ The renowned Cruz Manuel Hernández Santiago is a Puerto Rican singer and could be a top-notch choice for your baby boy too!


Concluding words

In a nutshell, the baby boy names that start with C are widely considered to roll out love and positivity in this globe. Your kiddo also could become as renowned as these public figures! As per the adage, they are highly proficient and talented people that cope up with everyone. 

Fidelity is crucial to these C naming persons, and that’s why they could be successful in every aspect! So, your baby can acquire massive success after growing up


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