12 Scenarios Where a VPN Would Come in Handy and Tips on How to Choose One.

So many people underestimate the power of a VPN; it stands for virtual private network and it helps a lot of users worldwide enjoy the perks of the internet with complete anonymity and safety, connecting you privately without showing where you truly are. Also, you can bypass different restrictions and access things you thought would never be available to you.

You have so many things to learn from owning a VPN, so we’ve come up with 12 things that can be achieved with it and we will help you out with tips on how to get the best one with perfect features.

When will I ever need a VPN?

People ask this question whenever the subject of a virtual private network is mentioned; you’d be surprised just how many times a service like this can help you. Let’s dive in and understand when can you utilize one properly for your benefit:

Accessing online streaming platforms

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t watch your favorite show or watch the latest movies online?  So many cool streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix can sometimes be blocked in your region or country, but the service provider gurus at https://vpngorilla.com/en/best-vpn-services/ have reviewed VPN services that can allow you to bypass any restrictions and unblock these websites to watch whatever you like, whenever you want. You can access restricted content and get away with it, because no one can track or find where you are and you’d be shown as someone in a different country to whoever is monitoring these restrictions. So, you can rest easy and tune in to some of the best streamable content available online.

You can play online games without any lag

This is a very frustrating thing that a lot of gamers worldwide suffers from; they find themselves unable to play their favorite online games because they keep getting disconnected. Also, they could experience a lot of lag spikes and slow connections, if they ever log into their game. It’s infuriating because their internet connection itself is fine, but the server that connects them to the game has problems. So, with a decent service like this, they can avoid this problem and appear to be in a different country. Changing their location would let them connect to another server that can connect them to their game without any problems.

Using public Wi-Fi safely

We have a lot of smart devices nowadays and luckily for you, you can have the service on all of them. So, when you’re in a café or traveling abroad and in a hotel, you can use their Wi-Fi service to access the internet and do your daily activities normally. But have you ever asked yourself are those public connections secure? Who would be on the other side checking your information and location too? If you want to avoid all these safety issues and stop any random hackers in the area from penetrating your system, then you need to use this service to be able to use the internet in these public places without batting an eye.

Bypass any censorship and blocked communications

In some countries, people aren’t allowed to access certain websites or view specific images. Also, so many people don’t have access to social media platforms and their means of communicating with people around the world are limited. Some countries censor specific videos that have content that they deem inapplicable or inappropriate to their country’s values; they also block things that are offensive to the people in power or the government itself. However, all of that can be bypassed with a decent private network that changes your location and safely gets you through to unblock these websites and social media platforms.

Safety from the people you talk to

Many people have different ways to talk to people online, whether it’s through chat rooms, social media, or even through emails. This makes you vulnerable in so many ways, because you never know who you can fully trust in the digital world; there have been some cases of theft, vandalism, and even attacks that happened because these people found online users’ IP addresses and tracked them. But now you can avoid all of that and stay safe by masking your location and not allowing anyone to track where you are or pinpoint your location exactly to hack you. So, remember to stay out of harm’s way and get a good service to protect you in the digital world.

Downloading and using torrents effectively

We all love downloading stuff, whether it’s movies, shows, games, music, and many other things. The most common way to download these entertainment files is through torrents. Torrenting is great, but it might be blocked or unavailable to you depending on where you live. Also, peer-to-peer sharing and connections aren’t foolproof, but you can solve that problem easily and mask your IP address. So, you can feel safe downloading something through torrenting; you never know who among these other peers is safe and not a hacker, keeping yourself hidden and safe can prevent any problems from happening and can shield you from possible threats or hidden malicious software when you download stuff.

Avoiding any logging or monitoring from your ISP

When you have an internet service running, who do you think is providing it? These service providers that you made deals with can give you awesome connection speeds and perks when you use the internet, but did you ever stop to wonder if they could be watching everything you do online? Legally, there is nothing that prevents this from happening; it is what it is, unfortunately, but you don’t have to worry too much because a Top rated VPN can prevent anyone from accessing your logs and internet activity. So, this means you can do whatever you want without the fear of being watched or seen by your ISP.

Shopping online with ease abroad

The trend of buying anything online is so mainstream that it has become a necessity for a lot of people worldwide, allowing them to order anything they want and have it sent to their location quickly. But sometimes that can be difficult for people who use credit cards that didn’t originate from the country they’re visiting on their vacation, halting any purchases and possibly prohibiting them entirely. Some merchants or stores have rules when it comes to this and the process of providing proof that you own that credit card might take days or even weeks, but there’s no need to go through all that when you can use a virtual private network with a host that can prevent any hassles when you shop online abroad.

Buying cheaper airline tickets

The digital world has its good features and perks, but it does come with downsides when it comes to geo-locations, cookies, and various other data collection methods that airline companies can use to target their potential customers. Some of these people have decent discounts and very low prices just because they’re living in a specific country, making their fares a lot cheaper than usual compared to yours. So, you can use a VPN to avoid getting high prices on tickets and get the cheaper ones that can be more appealing and attractive when you’re planning your next big getaway and relaxing vacation.

Safer communication in companies

A lot of corporations and organizations have competitors and enemies, giving them ample reasons to protect themselves from hackers or spies. Business personnel and other staff members have servers where they can communicate with each other, sending and receiving different documents and files that have important data. These companies wouldn’t want someone snooping around their servers and checking those sensitive data files, so they opt for a VPN to keep themselves anonymous and untraceable by anyone. This is perfect if you combine it with other cybersecurity and antivirus software; no one would be able to breach your system at all and access your crucial data this way.

Tracking your competition

Just like how you can protect your company from spying eyes, the competitors can use the same strategy to act as if they’re normal users to check your progress, deals, promotions, and most of the plans that can be accessed publicly. Anonymity can play a major role in your success when you’re trying to visit your competitor’s website, allowing you to check everything you need without leaving a digital trail behind for that company to track you. It might be able to log your visits, but they would appear as a random visit with a different IP address that doesn’t show where your company is located. Even if they track it to the private network you’re using, the trail would go cold and they won’t notice it’s a rival company.

You can avoid the bad list

Believe it or not, some of the content you download, the music you play, or things you watch might be free online, but it’s not entirely legal to share or download this content without paying for it. Some agencies like your government communication headquarters, the MPAA, and NSA tend to monitor the online behavior and activities of most users and puts them in a specific list of individuals that download illegal things. Even if whatever it is you downloaded is royalty-free and doesn’t need money, you might still be added to that list and you’d be open for monitoring. So, you can stop all that tracking and labeling by just using one of these amazing private networks.

Tips to get the perfect VPN

If you’re finally convinced on getting one, then you have a set of important steps or things to watch out for. We’ve summed up most of the important ones for you to follow below:

  • Read the terms and conditions properly – It wouldn’t hurt to read the privacy policies and other terms to understand the functionality of the specific private network provider you’re thinking of. You have to check if it keeps logs or not because if it does, then it’s not worth your money at all, even if it is for free it would still be unsafe and unreliable. Just ask yourself why would you get something that does the same thing you’re trying to avoid doing?
  • Check the levels of encryption available – You need to understand that getting your money’s worth is key, so you must make sure that the provider has 256-bit encryption or above if it’s possible. Whether it’s L2TP (layering 2 tunneling protocol), PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol), or IPsec (Internet protocol security), you need to make sure every session is conveniently and effectively encrypted with the data being passed and handled appropriately.
  • Multiple servers is key – Having a variety is great for many users because you never know what type of content you’d want that would need a specific server, such as a game that needs a different re-routing connection to a different central database hub, because sometimes specific servers in countries might be lagging at any given day. So, unless you want to enjoy a slow and lagging session, then you need to get a provider that has various servers in different countries that you can choose from and change as you see fit.
  • Test it out first – Most services have a month or two with a free trial where you can check every feature, server, speed perks, and capabilities to see if it’s the right one that would suit your needs. If you’re getting good results and you feel like it’s making a difference in your online presence and experience, then it would be the right one for you and would deserve your money for a full-time subscription.

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It can get a little tricky whenever you use the internet, but we can avoid all the bad stuff thanks to technology and new digital methods. You don’t have to be shackled to the original central database hub that connects you to things online, and you can change your location digitally and use one that suits your needs. Whether it’s free or with fees, a private network will do wonders for you.

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