2021 Tech Gift Guide You need to read


The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to get shopping for gifts. Discerning what somebody will like for a gift can be tricky, but you will be on the money if you choose to get them tech. Tech is pervasive these days; it’s no longer the preserve of science and computer buffs. Everyone interacts with tech at work, school, and in their personal lives. Tech is popular because it is simple to use and highly beneficial. There are many gift ideas for all different personalities.


For the Student


Students often need long hours of concentration to study, but that can be difficult if there are distractions around them. Distractions can be in the form of city sounds, kids playing around the house, neighbors going about their business, a loud roommate, or other students frolicking in the dormitory.


Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds will make their life easier. They have mics inside that pick up ambient sound and emit reverse frequencies to cancel the sound out. Once the user has them on, they can concentrate better.


For the Athlete


Back in the day, to keep healthy, people had to manually count their calories, draw up a calendar, and use rudimentary tools (weight scale and tape measure) to track their progress. Not anymore; tech has democratized to the point where an ordinary person can have high-caliber fitness equipment and tools at a low cost.


You can buy them fitness trackers that fit on a user’s wrist to monitor their heart rate, cardiac coherence, respiratory rate, body composition data, activity, and sleep. They can also track a person’s menstrual cycle, meditation, and hydration.


Another popular idea is the Peloton Bike. The stationary bikes are famous for their ability to bring a virtual workout studio to the home. You can ride with trainers live or in a recorded session, and you get to socialize with other users virtually.


You can also gift something for the after-workout session. Some massagers help to release muscle tension and reduce strain after a challenging workout. You can sign them up for virtual exercise or sports classes; they can either do aerobics or learn boxing from their home. The packages will come with any equipment they need, such as mats and boxing gloves.


For the Workaholic


Most work is done on a laptop nowadays, especially with the shift to remote work. So the workaholic will need their computer to be in top condition. Find services that offer onsite Mac repair to fix any computer issues they have as their gift.


If the recipient constantly complains about malware, slow processing, or incompatible software, you can use a repair service. A professional service will clean the laptop of any viruses and optimize its performance.


For the Animal Lover


Animal lover is a broad term that refers to people who have a soft spot for animals. They usually fall into two categories; those who love nature and those who love pets. Discerning the difference will help you get started in looking for a gift.


Those who love nature usually have a penchant for watching live animals in documentaries or at parks. You can get them a National Geographic photography book, binoculars for their park visits, a weekend trail trip, or camping gear.


If you can’t think of a present for a person, you can get one for their pet. Many pet owners consider their furry companions as friends or family. So a gift for a pet will be just as good. You can get their pet a new toy, a camera to help keep an eye on the pet, or a day of glam in a pet spa.


For the Coffee Lover


Some people can’t get their day started without a cup of coffee; some have a passion for coffee and become enthusiasts. Something to consider for them is a mug warmer. They keep the coffee hot; nobody likes lukewarm coffee.


You will have the choice of a standalone heating pad or a set that comes with a mug. The standalone heating pad is usually cheaper. Mug warmer sets have precise temperature control, auto-off functionality, smartphone connectivity, wireless charging capabilities, and an insulated mug.


Another option is to get them a Chemex coffee maker. Its unique design makes for an excellent, clean brew that the recipient will enjoy.


For the Technologically Challenged


Technology is becoming easier to use, such that children and senior citizens are using it. The simple swipe actions, large fonts, and clear displays make mobile devices like smartphones and tablets user-friendly. Technology has advanced further with AI assistants. Users can issue voice commands, and the AI assistant will play music, read text out loud, order food, and so much more. In the market, you can find AI assistants like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri.


Another gift idea is touchscreen gloves. Rather than fumbling a touch screen with regular gloves, you can interact with your screen as you usually would while keeping your hands warm.


The Gift of Tech


Tech is a practical, fun gift that works with anyone. Be sure that the gift fits the recipient’s personality and lifestyle. You can find affordable tech and high-end products that can match your budget.


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