3 New Technologies You Need To Get the Best Out of Your Workforce


This new year has already presented businesses with state-of-the-art technologies that can improve their workforce. With the increasing use of the Internet, smartphones, and apps, businesses feel compelled to build an even stronger online presence and invest in managed IT services. Why? To serve clients, workforces, and audiences that aren’t geographically bound to one location.

That’s where the importance of having the right technology to accelerate business processes come in. With the proper tech tools, tasks like streamlined communication, securing data, and improving customer care become easy and flexible.

So—what are the best technologies for small-business owners to pay attention to? What will help them stay productive, turn profits, and keep ahead of competitors? Continue reading to find out.

Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented reality devices, or AR, are amazing for their ability to visually present business ideas. This type of new technology serves a variety of purposes, including showcasing product demos, improving brand awareness, and enhancing customer experience. It works by aiming a smartphone device at an object, landscape, or building while a simulated, virtual background materializes onto the screen in real-time.

In e-commerce businesses, augmented reality tech has been shown to positively influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. This has shown a positive correlation with increased sales. According to Statista, nearly 23 million jobs worldwide could be directly impacted by AR tech by 2030.

AR elements can materialize as text, audio, graphics, scenery, or other virtual enhancement overlaid with real-world objects. This immersive experience of blending the physical with the digital world offers users an exciting new perspective. If businesses implement AR, they can improve user experience, boost customer sales, and enhance their overall brand marketing.

Smart Conference Rooms

With the rise of remote workforces and team members and clients being spread out globally, companies need wireless solutions to stay connected.  Video conferencing software enables seamless communication and makes scheduling, connecting, and video conferencing simple. Many of the most popular smart conference systems today, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, offer free versions of their software.

It can be difficult to bounce ideas off team members outside of an on-site meeting room, but video conferencing makes it simple. With features such as whiteboards and smart meeting rooms, collaboration and productivity are easily achieved.

Many millennials and working parents are attracted to companies that give them the freedom to work from home. Especially when these modern organizations utilize high-speed connectivity. It’s essential for businesses to use high-quality video conferencing software to avoid technical troubles when communicating with their workforce or customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a lot like what it sounds like. An ever-growing collection of tech devices, such as smart lightbulbs and connected security cameras, are interconnected via the internet. Because of its interconnection, IoT software makes everyday business life much more productive.

IoT can play a simple or sophisticated role in businesses. From managing smart lightbulbs to create an efficient office environment, to something more complex like detecting quality control issues via smart machines. While IoT can take on different forms, its main functions include collecting data, processing behavior, and monitoring productivity.

While IoT continues to grow in the workplace, so will enhanced employee mobility, improved processes, and business products continue to grow. IoT is a force to reckon with in allowing businesses to better serve their customers and manage their workforce.

Managed Your Technologies With Managed IT Services

While these new technologies are some of the best investments businesses can make to improve their workforce this year, they are still prone to technical errors. To make the most of your new technology, make sure you invest in managed IT services.


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