4 Business Apps You Need Right Now

Did you know that there were 2.6 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps available to download in 2019?

This number continues to rise every day, with new apps being created all the time. But how does this help you and your business? Well, many of these apps can be used to help with the daily running of your business.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular business apps that you need to integrate into your business right now.

4 Business Apps That Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re looking for an app that can help manage your team or one that can help with time management, there’s something for everyone. Small, medium, and large businesses rely on apps to help them with a variety of tasks every day.

1.   Trello

Managing a team can be difficult, whether it’s in office or done remotely. That’s why apps such as Trello can help. With Trello, you can add team members and tasks so that everyone knows what they have to do and when.

According to Kyle Litvuck, a spokesperson from THEGOODESTATE, “Having a clear scheduling business app can help keep your team on track and ensure you reach your business goals. A great thing about Trello is that it is easy to use and you can add several different cards, lists, and projects, which is great for businesses of any size.”

2.   Toggl

Keeping track of your time and your employee’s time is a vital part of ensuring that business procedures are running smoothly. That’s where time management apps such as Toggl come in handy.

With Toggl you can track the amount of time spent on projects. The app uses colorful graphs, export spreadsheets, and allows you to sync your data with other project management apps which helps to keep you on top of your organizational skills.

3.   Slack

Communicating with your team is crucial to any business’s success. There are many great apps that you can use to ensure quick and effective communication amongst your team, for example, Slack. Slack can be used across your business and departments and can also be used to contact clients.

Messaging apps such as Slack, can help to speed up your workload, ensure questions are answered quickly, and help to boost team morale. For more information about why you could benefit from business messaging apps, have a look at these 7 benefits of messaging apps for businesses.

4.   Streak

There’s nothing more annoying than having to scroll through hundreds of emails to find one snippet of information you need. For example, if you’ve been talking to a client over email about a new project and you need to clarify some details, it can waste valuable time scrolling through the messages you’ve both sent. However, with Streak, you can integrate Gmail and Google Apps and effortlessly find all the emails associated with that client.

Streak also allows you to let your team know how your team is doing on a particular project, as it includes a newsfeed that can regularly be updated with the latest status of a client or project

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