5 Best Mobile Apps for Electronic Signature

The traditional way of signing documents can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, today you have the option of ditching pen and paper and embracing electronic signatures.

Today, e-signature technology makes it possible to sign legally binding documents online. As technology revolutionizes every aspect of the workplace, it has also been making it easy to sign documents online.

With so many apps available today, it can be daunting to choose the best e-signature solution. In this post, we share some of the five best mobile apps for your electronic signature needs.


#1 CocoSign – The most comprehensive e-signature mobile app

As one of the leading e-signature solution, CocoSign serves businesses and professionals in over 180 countries. It is the perfect tool for individuals, small and medium businesses, and huge enterprises.

With CocoSign, signing documents online is very easy, but the software uses sophisticated algorithms to protect your documents. It comes with exciting features such as scheduled signing, integration with work platforms, and audit trail.

CocoSign is an affordable e-signature app. To find how you can sign pdf with CocoSign, check this link to learn more. Best of all, the app works on any device since it is web-based.

What makes a reliable e-signature app?

First, getting started with the app is straightforward. The minute you have the document you want to sign, upload, prepare it for signature, choose recipients, and send it. Here are some of the things that make CocoSign stand out.

  1. Intuitive user interface

CocoSign dashboard provides you an overview of all the activities in your account. You get to see all drafts that are not ready to be signed. The sidebar makes it easy to track the lifecycle and status of documents.

You can see documents that require action or those waiting on other signatories to append their signatures. Also, you can see documents that are complete and those that will be expiring soon.

  1. Free templates and customizations

With CocoSign, you get free templates in various fields ranging from real estate to financials. These templates make it easy and fast to generate valid and legal documents for businesses and professionals.

You can even customize the template to meet your needs. The app allows you to append your signature in two simple ways. You can either type or draw the signature or even upload a photo of your signature.

  1. Safe and secure

CocoSign uses encryption to protect the signed document during transmission. Also, it complies with the data privacy standards set out in GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Also, CocoSign focuses on privacy, ensuring that you are the only person who can access the content on your dashboard.

#2 HelloSign

Another easy to use e-signature app is HelloSign. It provides a quick way for those on a budget to sign documents electronically. The app allows you to sign documents online using a browser of your choice.

With HelloSign, you get to draw, write, or upload your signature. What’s more, you get to save it for future use, which is a time saver for most users. HelloSign is designed to work on mobile devices running on Android and iOS.

Also, the app has APIs that allow you to customize your brand and signature on documents. It complies with international signature laws. What’s more, HelloSign gives you a month of free service to sign three documents.


#3 eSignLive

With this signature app, you get an e-signature app that is compatible with mobile devices running on iOS and Android. Huge enterprises choose eSignLive as their preferred e-signature solution for its advanced security features.

Also, it allows you to integrate it into your workplace by using its APIs. eSignLive allows businesses to either use the software as a cloud-based service or on their premises. The app comes with two plans.

The professional plan involves billing each user per month, while the enterprise plan depends on work volume.


#4 Yousign

With Yousign, you get a web-based e-signature platform. As such, you can use the app on any device, including mobile devices running on Android or iOS. The user interference of this app is cuter and modern compared to other apps targeting big businesses.

Yousign allows you to save and reuse your signature. This feature is among the best in this app, letting you sign multiple documents. Best of all, Yousign enables you to send a document to numerous signatories online.

Also, you get to create a schedule that notifies signatories about the pending signature deadline. The app automatically sends personalized notifications to each signatory yet to sign the document.


#5 Signable

The Signable design makes it ideal for signing documents on iOS and Android devices. It is among the few apps that allow users to pay-on-go basis. Besides, it provides other monthly plans.

With Signable, you get an e-signature app that complies with EU laws since it caters to users in the region. The app makes it easy for the right person to sign agreements or contracts online.

Signable uses speed to impress users since sent and received documents are fast. The app allows you to upload, edit, and send files in a short time. What’s more,  it provides various APIs and suites to its users to ease integration.



Although you may be reluctant to adopt an e-signature solution, technology is changing fast, and you will have no choice. Businesses and professionals are embracing electronic signatures since they provide an easy and fast way to close deals.

For a reliable mobile electronic signature app, check out CocoSign.

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