8 Tips to Practice Rainbow Six Siege Effectively

Are you aware that Rainbow Six Siege is among the best online shooters game in the gaming industry?  The game offers a first- and third-person perspective to the players based on their preference and style. Rainbow Six Siege might look like an old first-person shooter game, but it is more than that.

Rushing in the blazing guns will endanger your character. You need to have a systematic approach to defend the bomb site or the rivals. The six siege hacks will help you dominate the match and mark a win at the end. 

Six Siege will give you an incredible experience once you have understood the tricks and tips. And yes! You cannot win without proper practice. Here are 8 tips for practicing Rainbow Six Siege effectively.

  1. Watch tutorial videos 

You should not skip watching the tutorial videos if you are new to the game. The videos will give you information on the game’s mechanics. You can go for the Situations mode to teach you basics, maps, controls, and gadgets. The maps in the mode are similar to the Multiplayer mode. So, you will get to know the online matches on the playing the Situations mode too. 

  1. Play with AI and friends 

You can try to play the Terrorist Hunt initially before directly playing the Multiplayer mode. In the Terrorist mode, you will have the option to play with AI. It will make you familiar with the bots before meeting the actual players. And yes! Before playing casual matches with other random players, it is good to practice with friends. Here, you can explore the game and try out various strategies. 

  1. Learn the map

You must be aware that maps are a significant part of Rainbow Six Siege. The game features multilevel, dynamic, and destructible maps. There are chances of getting shot from anywhere, making your survival difficult. Teams who know maps can take advantage of the surroundings to attack enemies from unforeseen locations, breakthrough walls, and reinforce the checkpoints. Thorough knowledge of each map can make the win easier.

  1. Focus on sound

Six Siege has a unique sound broadcast that renders realistic sounds all through the battlefield. A focus on the surrounding environment and footstep sounds is the key to survival in the game. You will clearly hear even a slight sound like a slow walk or crouching of the enemies. Take care of your footsteps also as enemies will hear them, so move silently. 

  1. Take cover 

You can defend yourself from the cover as it protects you from the rivals’ attacks. Try to peak while leaning against a wall to see the enemies behind it. It will become more challenging for the enemies to trace you. It is an advantage as you can fire from the cover.  However, remember not to stay in the same place for a long time as enemies can use tricks to expose you. 

  1. Save time 

Imagine facing an enemy and their loaded weapon while you are only halfway through reloading. It will create a worse situation in the game. However, you can cancel the reload to save yourself and sustain yourself in the game. If a need to fire arises while reloading, you can start sprinting to cancel the reload. It will take less time than reloading, and you can switch to a secondary weapon. 

  1. Save yourself 

Try saving yourself and avoid getting killed in the initial round from an enemy that glances into the spawn area. You can keep a drone during the preparation phase at the common peek places. You can call your teammates if you spot a defender as the match begins. Try to shoot bullets into barricaded doors and windows to prevent coming across enemies. 

  1. Select a team

Make sure to choose a reliable team in Six Siege. Three-man teams are suitable for low-ranked matches, while synergized teams work with high-ranked competitions. It will be beneficial if you learn to communicate quickly and effectively on playing with strangers. It will help you find regular teams in the game. It means you will have to use call-outs and resort to voice commands. 


Rainbow Six Siege does not reward players who play recklessly or shoot blindly. It is the game in which you have to wait for the best shot, and it tests patience.   Practicing hard will improve your gaming skills irrespective of being a beginner or not. The above tips will lead you to play effectively and win over the enemies. 


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