A simple guide to breeding horses in Minecraft

Before you start bleeding horses, check their health. You see, horses differ in their physical abilities, some of them can only manage to jump a single block while others can jump more than one block. The horses’ movement speed, health, speed, a healthy horse can make a huge difference in the game. Therefore, you should always analyze their stats and appearance before you decide to bleed them. This post will show you how to bleed horses in a Minecraft.

Supplies you require for breeding

You need the right type of food to entice the horses to breed. Therefore, you can use two Golden Carrots or two Golden Apples. Drops from any type of Oaktree can give you apples and you can get Carrots from either zombie drops or village farms.

Remember that you can combine eight golden ingots with an apple to create a Golden Apple while you can combine eight golden nuggets with a carrot to get a Golden Carrot. But you can not feed Zombie Horses and Skeleton Horses because they don’t breed. You may be wondering how you can get one of these horses if you want them. Well, you can get one of these horses by using a Skeleton horse or a spawn egg.

Stats and physical appearance

The most important factors to consider before breeding horses are their stats and appearance. Understandably, you want to breed horses that have appealing colors and patterns. For this reason, you’re spoiled for choice because you can choose the 7 colors and 5 marking patterns. This means you have 35 different appearances to get after the breeding process.

Above all, you should note that horses vary in their physical abilities and appearances. So these means they have different speed, health, and jumping. Therefore, it makes sense to breed horses with more remarkable physical abilities so that it can run faster and jump higher.

Breeding your horses

First of all, you should find the horses that you want to breed. You can find them in savanna biomes, village stables, and plains biomes. Savannas refer to fields with tan-colored grass and they have random Acacia trees, and plains consist of empty grass fields with few trees. On the other hand, you can find villages in different biomes, but they might not all have stables. Check the guide to breeding horses in Minecraft to see how these areas look like. Below are the steps you can follow to breed horses:

Step 1: Tame the wild horses 

Now, to breed horses, you should look for the wild horses. You can find these horses in the areas mentioned above and tame two of them to start the breeding process. This is because it’s almost impossible to breed two wild horses. Likewise, a wild horse cannot breed with a tame horse. This is the reason why you need two tamed horses.

Feed your horses

When you tame the two horses, then feed them with either two Golden Carrots or two Golden Apples. You can use the food item and feed them one item to each horse. If you’ve done a proper job, you’ll notice red hearts appearing above the horses. Once the red hearts disappear, a baby horse which is also called a foal will appear. If you have reached this far, you should pat yourself on the back for a successful horse breeding process.

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