Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Flutter for App Development

Do you desire to create your own iOS as well as Android applications? Then the framework called Flutter can help you out outstandingly. Developed by Google, Flutter is a compact app development kit that facilitates you to craft new applications using one codebase. However, Flutter development services come with a bunch of advantages and disadvantages. In this post, you will be having a clear insight into them both.

1#) Advantages of using Flutter

The facilities of Flutter are so enormous that it surpasses the drawbacks. Let’s check out the amenities that you can cherish with this mobile framework.

1. Superior performance

It is perhaps the chief reason behind availing of the Flutter development services.  The efficiency of any application is determined by a range of factors such as frame and request number for each second, CPU usage, response time, and so on! With Flutter, you do not need to worry about any of these things. It delivers a steady 60fps which benefits in clear and HD quality pictures.

2. Instant updates

One best thing about Flutter is that, you do not need to seek help from any other plugins for updates. It is already constructed with a hot reload that enables the users to execute the updates right away. With it, you can easily notice the updates within real-time. Moreover, it also fixes the error that occurs while writing the codes without the need of restarting the app.

3. Supports internationalization

If you want your designed application to be conveniently accessed throughout the world, preferring Flutter will be ideal. The tool presents Dart intl-based widgets that help in making the procedure of internationalization a way more user-friendly. In the current scenario, Flutter encompasses 24 different languages, ample layout choices, currencies, and many other things.

4. Ready-made and personalized widgets for swift coding

With Flutter, you can pick among a vast number of handy and customized widgets. Unlike other app developing tools, Flutter features an integrated and reliable object model including paddings, fonts, and buttons. Here, you can either amalgamate various widgets to form impressive layouts or you can use them on any level of customization.

5. Requires less coding knowledge

If you are not a pro coder, don’t be disheartened as you can still be able to develop apps with Flutter! If you are well accustomed to Dart, accessing this tool is not a big deal! Furthermore, the framework is quite well-known for generating detailed and coherent documentation.

2#) Disadvantages of using Flutter

Besides such profuse advantages, the tool comes with little downsides as well. However, the problems have their solutions as well. For now, take a look at the disadvantages that you are likely to come across while using Flutter.

1. Big file size issue

Well, most of the users have limited storage in their phone memory, but the apps developed by Flutter appear to be massive in length. If you expect the users to delete their desirable staff from the phone to use the Flutter-created app, then you are probably wrong. To avert this issue, the developers need to reduce the size of the code by terminating compress photographs, animations, make reductions in the libraries, etc.

2. Troubles with iOS devices

To be very honest, Flutter might be considered to create apps for both android and iPhones, but it could be sometimes responsible for developing malfunctioned iOS applications. As the tool is generated by Google, it is more fruitful for fixing bugs and creating feverish applications for android devices.

3. Dart knowledge

Though the tool needs minimal coding language, it requires dart, which is not a popular coding language. Thus, you might face difficulty in finding programmers with the comprehension of Dart.

So, as you can see, you are going to have a mixed experience with Flutter. However, noting its benefits, the downsides can be easily avoided.

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