Advantages of ACP Panel in External Architecture

Today aluminium panels are known to be one of the most spread and effective materials for external decoration. Aluminium composite panelis used for facade cladding, object restoration and advertising structures. They are also used for the installation of ventilated facades, which serve for decades and provide reliable protection of buildings from weather whims and destruction. That’s why thousands of customers around the world choose this material for their purposes.

Features of ACP panels

Aluminum composite panels have several advantages. With the help of this material, you can change or improve the exterior of the building fast and effectively. Due to their structure, the panels provide thermal insulation for the object. Also, aluminium composite panels in Sydney are resistant to UV rays.

In addition, the material is:

  • effective in fire safety;
  • non-toxic;
  • amenable to processing;
  • presented in a large assortment of colors and textures.


If you need to give the object a unique look, you can use the original composite panels. You may search for aluminium composite panel price to find the details. Moreover, aluminum composite panels can help reduce building heating costs. They prevent heat loss in the cold season and keep the premises cool in summer. By making the cladding of an office complex with composite panels, it is possible to reduce energy consumption throughout the year.


Installation advantages of aluminium composite panel


Firstly, aluminium composite panels in Sydney do not load the structure. There is no need to use a serious crate for their installation. In addition, the panel weight is very little – 1 sq. meter of the material has a weight of 3 to 8 kg (it depends on the characteristics of a particular type of facing material).



Secondly, the panels retain their excellent appearance for a long time. The panels are mounted on special fasteners. If one item is accidentally damaged, it can be replaced without touching the main finish. In order to replace the damaged panel, you will have to remove it to put a new one in this place. Despite the fact that aluminium composite panel price differs from the cost of other materials, a facade made of aluminium panels can last up to 50 years.


Finally, these panels are a modern and practical material. Using them in ventilated facades, you can extend the life of the building as long as air circulates between the panels and walls of the object. You can order the installation of composite panels for facades in Glamour Decor company.


Benefits of buying aluminium composite panel in Sydney


Let’s list why the aluminum composite facade is so valued for among specialists:


  • durability;
  • stability in an adverse environment;
  • improving the sound insulation of wall materials;
  • various colors;
  • suitable for buildings with complex geometric shapes;
  • light weight;
  • low price.


Aluminum itself is a material capable of retaining its qualities unchanged for half a century. Accordingly, and, being the basis for a composite facade, it will ensure its strength, resistance to many aggressive environmental factors (weather conditions: temperature changes, rain, snow and hail, strong constant wind).


By installing an aluminium composite panel, you can forget about any problems with maintaining the normal condition of the facade for a long time. As for sound insulation, aluminum panels will enhance this property of concrete, walls, bricks and other materials by 60%. This is an additional useful property.


In terms of design solutions, aluminum facades provide a wide range of choices. It is easy to find a composite panel in any color; this material is simply irreplaceable. The structure of the panel includes a polymer between two aluminum layers. What is more, due to its properties, the aluminum composite panel can be of any shape and can be used for buildings of different irregular geometric shapes. Thus, ACP panels are one of the best materials for external architecture on a contemporary market. You may find the aluminium composite panel price on the website of Australian company.


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