Amazing future technologies that will change the world in the next 30 years

The world is improving every day, inventing and discovering something new, and without these achievements, we would not have come so far.


Scientists, researchers, developers, and designers from all over the world are trying to implement something that will simplify our lives and make them more interesting. In this article, we will observe some future technologies that are taking our lives to a whole new level.


5D disks for eternal storage of terabytes of data

Researchers have created a 5D disc that records data in 5 dimensions that lasts for billions of years. It can store 360 ​​terabytes of data and withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees.


The files on the disk are made up of three layers of nanodots. The five dimensions of the disk refer to the size and orientation of the dots, and their position within the three dimensions. As light passes through the disk, the dots change the polarization of the light, which is read by the microscope and polarizer.


The Southampton team that develops the disc has been able to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton’s Optics, Magna Carta, and the Bible onto the disc. In a few years, such a disk will no longer be an experiment but will become the norm for data storage.


Underwater transport tunnels

Norway plans to build the world’s first underwater floating bridges 30 meters underwater using large pipes wide enough for two lanes.


Given the difficulty of moving around the area, Norway decided to work on the creation of underwater bridges. The $25 billion project is expected to be completed in 2035. There are other factors to be considered, such as the influence of wind, waves and strong currents on the bridge.


Roll-up TVs

LG has developed a prototype TV that can be rolled up like a roll of paper. The TV uses polymer-based LED technology to reduce the thickness of the screen. In addition to LG, other major electronics manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and Mitsubishi are working to make screens more flexible and portable.

Spray clothes

Spanish designer Manel Torres invented the world’s first spray-on clothing. You can apply the spray to any part of your body and then take it off, wash it off, and wear it again.


The spray is made from special fibers mixed with polymers that give the fabric elasticity and durability. This technology will allow designers to create unique garments with original designs.


Shopping in virtual reality

Virtual reality is a new direction that is becoming more and more popular every year. Many people buy virtual land and clothes, and in the future, it will also be possible to bet on sports or play in a casino virtually. This option is not yet available, but you can play in a casino with the best conditions on the PlayAmo platform.


What about shopping – one such store was opened at a train station in South Korea, where you can order by photographing a barcode and have your purchases delivered to your home.


The Homeplus chain of stores installed six screen doors with life-size images of shelves with goods that you would buy in a supermarket. Under each item, there is a barcode that can be scanned and sent using the app.

You can place an order at the station on your way to work, and the goods will be delivered to your home in the evening.


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