An Effective Support in Epilepsy Treatment For Business and Office People

Epilepsy, and especially one of her most dangerous and difficult to treat forms – drug resistant epilepsy, is one of the most well-known serious diseases that can be successfully treated with the support of supplements based on CBD. These supplements usually come in the form of CBD oil. But are they really that effective?

CBD oil as a safe form of support in epilepsy treatment

The endocannabinoid system is a central regulatory system that affects a wide range of biological processes, such as our immune system, our nervous system and practically all organs in the human body. CBD helps to restore the balance of the entire system – not just one area, such as most supplements (more details on this CBD oil review).

Drug-resistant epilepsy is one of the most common conditions for treatment with cannabinoids. Severe epilepsy in children is characterized by frequent epileptic seizures, delays in the development of the nervous system and serious disturbances in the quality of life – that is why, in drug-resistant epilepsy, families often look for alternative ways of treatment. CBD and supplements that are based on it, including CBD oil, seem to be a great solution.

 Scientific evidence on the effectiveness of CBD in epilepsy treatment

A number of independent scientific studies conducted in recent years prove conclusively that CBD oil can help to cure epilepsy. It also contributes to clear improvement ofhealth and general well-being of patients with epilepsy. In one of the latest papers on epilepsy titled “Drug-drug interaction between clobazam and cannabidiol in children with refractory epilepsy” (Geffrey A.L., Pollack S.F., Bruno P.L.), an experiment from 2015 was reported, in which 13 patients with drug-resistant epilepsy were evaluated for the effect of CBD co-administration. As a result of CBD application, a 50-55% reduction in seizures was found in 11 of 13 patients.

It is estimated that 1% of the population has epileptic seizures – ¼ diagnoses are drug resistant, where the use of drugs does not bring any positive effects. Many, therefore, are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. It turns out that cannabis supplements, such as CBD oil, may be a one of the possible solutions.

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