Angular JS Course –Build Robust, Scalable and Dynamic Web Apps

Angular JS is an open source framework that is used by Google to create stunning web applications that are dynamic, robust and scalable. Almost all the web developers use this JavaScript-based web application development framework to create Single Page Applications that are the need of industry with less coding. This is done to minimise the time for deployment of the application.

Upgrade your coding skills with best practices once you join the Angular JS course that is a key element to web development and takes your career on the high pitch. Get knowledgeable on this dynamic framework that has gained popularity to create web applications that are easy to test and deploy.

Enrol now to get registered into Angular 6 training and learn through their experienced professional tutors who provide world-class training with comprehensive study material and interactive practice session. There are plenty of test assignments and 2 live projects that are industrial-based to help you gain desired knowledge- a requisite for every web developer to build robust and outstanding Web Applications. The can even download their e-book for future references.

Get working once you complete your Angular training under the guidance of instructors who help you learn Angular coding with the conjunction of industry experts who teach you real-world examples for better understanding of its tools and concepts.

What does this course offer?

Learn Angular JS from certified instructors of Zeolearn institute who are well experienced to train and grab a job of Angular JS Web Developer in top companies to build and manage their web apps. Step into this foundation course to build your career that is needed an edge to compete with your peers of the same organisation. Learn through their comprehensive courseware and interactive practice sessions that provide you with theoretical and practical experience. Any student to professional can choose this course to build amazing angular apps from small to large enterprise level organisations to climb the ladder of web development.

The course duration of Angular JS is 20 hours, and it is divided into 29 modules to help the students build their knowledge base step by step. Learn the tools and basic concepts of Angular JS to understand the fundamentals of this course that helps you to make knowledgeable in all the Angular versions such as 2, 4 and 5 with various functionalities and interfaces that are needed in end to end development of web applications to test, deploy and manage your web app on cloud.

Zeolearn Courses can be accessed via online live training that includes industry case discussions, quizzes and live interaction with instructors to Hanson their tools and techniques along with 2 live projects that help you in the web development process.

Salient Features

Once the candidates complete their training, they are awarded by Zeolearn course completion certification which adds value to their profile to find a job in the Angular environment for building new web applications that require less coding and are cost effective and time efficient for faster accessibility.

Why Choose Zeolearn?

Zeolearn provides a wide range of educational courses that have helped thousands of professionals to lead in their career through their accelerated courses that are well designed and provide training by experienced instructors.

This institute allows the candidates to learn from real-world examples that are taught by industry experts. The candidates can join any of their classroom training sessions or team/corporate training sessions according to their convenient schedules.

Today web application developers are high in demand for their innovative and creative web apps which help the organisations to compete with each other to stay ahead in their community. Join Angular JS to take your career at new heights and find a lucrative job that is need of every hour.

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