Awesome Tips And Tricks To Ace Scrabble Game

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games in the world and is highly popular among all age groups. This super game is all about scoring points by framing words that you get as your share in every turn and is capable of bringing smiles and delight to everyone who sits down to play this fantastic game. 

But to score big, one has to put all his/her efforts into doing the same and is not an easy nut to crack. Here you go, we list down a few tricks for you to get into action while playing scrabble:

Use “S’ as a powerful tool

In order to earn a good score, consider using an “S” to a word that already exists to write its plural form and form a new one associated with “S”. This will help you score better in comparison to a single word. 

But make sure that you make use of the letter “S’ judiciously because there are hardly four of them in the game, and you may need one of those to make a triple word score. Use the letter “S” only when there is a scope of making it big.

Hunt for words with hooks

Another way to add a feather on your cap in the name of your scrabble skills is to hunt for hook words that can serve similar to “S” for gaining some extra brownie points gaining some extra brownie points. But what do these hook words actually mean? 

Hook words can be thought of as words that can be transformed into a new word by adding a single letter, and further, you can tile a whole new word to earn huge points. 

Take, for an example, if there is a word on the board “ride”, then you can go ahead to add an alphabet “B” to it, which makes it “bride”, and then the alphabet “B” is all yours to structure a new word that can help you score well.

Seeking help from unscramble words

When you sit down to play scrabble, all you have is a deck with haphazardly arranged alphabet tiles out of which you have to hit your head hard to frame new words that can help you score. In such instances, using can prove to be of great help, especially when you are playing online and have no eyes glued on your whereabouts. 

Though it may sound like using a cheat code, yes using unscramble can help you to some extent. It will help you to unscramble the words in your alphabet case that make sense and earn points when nothing pops up in your mind with a timer ticking at a fast pace to play your turn.

Always keep an eye on hotspots

Hotspots are those squares on the scrabble board that allow the player to earn bonus points. All those colorful squares with double and triple scores written on them are the real hotspots of the board, with triple word score boxes being at the top. 

So if your opponent opens a door for you to try a triple word score, make sure that you leave no stones unturned to grab the opportunity.

Save a “U” for “Q”

Most of the words that have a “Q’” are followed by a “U”, therefore, if you happen to fetch a “U” for yourself, make sure to save it to use with the troublesome alphabet “Q”. And, even if you do not happen to encounter a “Q” in your deck, you can still save it as it hardly has a single point associated with it. 

Further, it can even be put into use if your opponent gets a “Q” and frames a word with it leaving space open for you to formulate your own in line with “Q”.  

Crave for Bingo words

You get to score an additional 50 points if you manage to form a long word from all the tiles available in your deck. And who won’t love to have that half-century coming their way? But it is not that easy as one may think it to be. 

For this, one needs to keep their eyes glued all the time to grab a few alphabets that can prove helpful to frame a BINGO word.  

Save J, X, Z, K for bigger score

You may feel excited to see the above-mentioned alphabets on your holder as they have more points associated with them. But do not be in a hurry to use them. If you happen to fetch them early in the game, wait for a chance where you can use these alphabets on a triple letter or triple word bonus box to force extra points on your scoreboard. 

Make judicious use of these high-scoring alphabets as these can help you to double and triple your score points if used at the right time and right space.

Enhance your word power

Browsing the dictionary to learn interesting words can help you go a long way. Not only will this habit prove helpful for you to showcase your vocabulary in scholastics, but in addition can help you to ace the scrabble game. 

With the technology being powered up day by day, you can also go ahead to subscribe for ‘word of the day to learn a new word every morning.


Seek prefixes and suffixes

When you do not have enough good words to play your game and do not wish to change your tiles because of a few high-scoring alphabets that you have in your kitty, using prefixes and suffixes can help you survive till your next chance.


Use your blank tiles smartly

Just because you have a blank tile, and you can transform it into an alphabet of your choice, you cannot go-ahead to use those alphabets anywhere and everywhere you wish. You should keep a blank tile in-store to play a smart move. 


Whether it is for forming a BINGO word or using it for a missing alphabet while seeking a triple word score, make sure that you make good use of a blank tile to make points barging in your name.



We hope we have given you enough tips to transform yourself into a scrabble maestro. So what are you waiting for? Try implementing these tips in your game and see how you can ace this iconic game in no time.

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