Basic Equipment You Need to Start a YouTube Channel

Social media platforms have literally given the chance to every single person on this planet to use their voice. While it is true that there are still some rural communities where the internet is still a novelty, however, even for those, the opportunity is there should they seek it. It is no longer a privilege saved for public figures and celebrities, anyone can now have their own page on any of these platforms and talk about whatever they please, whenever. You just need to fill out your email address along with some basic personal info, and voila, you are on for the world to watch.

Perhaps the number one video-sharing platform is YouTube, where people create videos to share their ideas, beliefs, and passions with the world. Just think of the number of “videos” you are bombarded with on every single social network you partake in. Memes, funny videos, tutorials, talks, Vlogs, and on and on goes the list. It is quite impressive how a 10 minute YouTube video can start movements and revolutions by going viral across the globe because enough people related to it and started the “sharing” phenomena.

 What is even more impressive is how easy starting a YouTube channel is, and how you only need some basic equipment to get going, which you can find below:

Good Quality Camera

Of course this is the single most important device that you will need to get started with your channel.  It is true that not everyone has the luxury to invest thousands of dollars into cameras to film fun videos to share; yet, you will still need a good YouTube camera that has all the features you need to film high-quality videos while staying within your budget limits. With millions of options to choose from, you can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to deciding on the best camera for your needs. It is advised that you consult experts; you can reach out to your favorite YouTubers and inquire about the kind of camera they use, even if it is out of your budget, try to identify the essential features you will need like image stabilization for example-if you plan on creating videos on the go-and seek them in more affordable ones.

Great Light Source

Regardless the type of videos you are going to make, lighting will greatly affect the overall quality, no matter which camera you end up with, and since not all cameras will have adequate light adjustment features, it is better to work out this issue separately. If you are on a budget, your best bet is figuring it out through trial and error like where to sit and what time of day is best to get the results you are seeking. Also, you will need to decide whether you will be filming indoors or outdoors to see if you will need to invest in a lighting ring or if good old sunlight will do the trick.

External Microphone

If you plan on making tutorial-style videos, you will be talking a lot. It will mean nothing if you know exactly what to say, but the sound quality is just so poor that your audience will dismiss your channel altogether. Most digital cameras have built-in microphones, but they are often not enough to provide the kind of clear quality you will want.

Go through reviews on sellers’ websites and seek help from salespeople at specialized shops, you are sure to find a suitable option. A cool feature to consider is the noise-detection one, this will ensure your mic is recording what you are directing towards it and canceling out surrounding noises. You will also need to make sure you are buying a microphone that is compatible with the camera you will be using.

Reliable Internet Connection

It would be a shame after all the effort you have put towards creating the best-quality videos to have a hard time uploading your content because of flaky internet! An unreliable connection can interfere with your programming schedule and interrupt your conversations with your audience when filming live sessions. As your followership grows, this can be awkward and will cost you viewers in the long run. Contact your local internet providers and sort out this simple conundrum by inquiring about the best packages for your YouTubing adventures.

Starting your YouTube channel is an exciting endeavor if you have something to add or even just for fun’s sake. It doesn’t need a lot of complicated steps to get one started. If you want to be an online sensation, make sure you are authentic and remain true to the online personality you want to embody.

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