7 Benefits of Using Business Messaging Apps

In today’s world of business, competition is increasing by the minute. To keep you on edge over your competitors, every strategy or piece of technology that improves the customer experience and streamlines your business processes is a plus.

And if you’ve been an entrepreneur for a considerable while, you probably know the importance of effective and efficient communication with your employees, existing customers, prospective clients, suppliers, and even business associates. Now, in this article, we will dwell more on communication with your customers (and employees), and how business messaging apps can help streamline things for you when it comes to this. Here are 7 benefits of using business messaging apps.

1. Keep in touch regardless of your location

We live in a digital world where your customers could be purchasing your products or services from halfway across the globe. And with advancements in internet technology, the chances that you’ll have to employ some remote workers (if you don’t already have some) are also high. A good business messaging app will allow communication between you and your staff and clients to remain seamless despite any time zone difference.

2. They help you stay organized

Most of these apps make it easier for entrepreneurs keep tabs with their ongoing projects or business progress wherever they are around the globe. You can call them a good bridge to the time and space gaps. With an app like Slack, for instance, you can track the progress of high-priority tasks without having to go to the office. Combined with other features such as to-do lists, channels, and reminders, this can help you stay more focused and organized as far as your business’s operations are concerned.

But it doesn’t stop there, as there is a lot more to learn to maximize the use of these apps. According to Liisu Paidla, the Operations Specialist at https://messente.com/, there are many different solutions in the business messaging space, but not all of them may provide the same features and experience to you and your customers. The good thing is that if you have to use several types of messaging tools, they can all be integrated into a central hub to make things more flawless, which is where SMS API tools also come in.

3. Better (and automated) customer support

Customers are the heart and soul of any business. Without effective customer support, a business may not live to realize its maximum potential. And these days, you don’t even have to have a person dedicated to chatting with your customers, responding to queries, complaints, and feedback. If you have a website for your business, all you need is a messaging app with a Chatbot, a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning tech to communicate with your clients in real-time. Among other things, a good chatbot-enabled business messaging app can help with:

  • Real-time handling of customer queries
  • Keeping customers engaged with images and videos
  • Allowing customers to make payments through Chabot

4. Time and money savings

Long-distance calls don’t come cheap, and the same case applies to fuel costs. Unless it’s a really urgent matter, you no longer have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for a business meeting when you can attend it virtually. If you have remote employees, these apps in part allow you to save your business money that would have been used in renting office space and purchasing office equipment.

5. An extra advertising tool

Many messaging apps also double up as tools that can be used in advertising your new (and existing) products and services. This is especially the case in apps that allow sharing content among the individuals as well as groups. With some apps, you can even curate promotional content and customize it to the likes and interests of a certain demographic, so you don’t come out as a nuisance to customers who may not be interested in whatever you’re promoting.

6. Relationship building

Business messaging apps can also help improve relationships between the business and its employees as well as its customers. As employees chat with each other through such an up, it brings a feeling of inclusiveness, which is also a means of encouraging teamwork in your business or workplace. In the end, your employees, as well as your customers, feel happier that they’re valued and appreciated.

7. Reliable record keeping

In business, nothing is more important than keeping records. Using a business messaging app allows you to keep records of communication with your staff and customers in a safer and more reliable way. Most of the data is stored in the cloud, meaning that it can always be retrieved if need be, even a few months or years down the line. This improves accountability and enhances efficiency.

In a nutshell, a good business messaging app can lead to happier customers, happier employees, and a happier you. It takes a considerable amount of stress off your back while you become more organized, saves time, saves money, and stay connected with people who matter to your business. With the above pointers in mind, you have all the reasons to invest in a good business messaging app.

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