Best 5 G Suite CRMs To Use Right Now

CRM is intended to make your work easier. With G Suite CRM, both tedious and repetitive tasks become a breeze.

Why do you need Google Suite CRM?

CRM or a Customer Relationship Management System has become a need of the time. There are several benefits of adopting a CRM, especially in the Sales business.

Safe storage space

CRM allows sales workers to store their contact information, activities, sales opportunities, and events in a centrally monitored system. It ensures secure storage of the information along with granting quick and uninterrupted access to the data from any location.

Efficient targeting

CRMs prevent salespeople from wasting a significant amount of time in surfing endlessly. It assists them in identifying relevant opportunities through criteria-based selections. It helps in segregating data according to relevance and saves time by allowing efficient targeting.

Understand the customers

If you intend to stand out in the market, you need to know precisely what your customer desires. Thus, the better you know your customer, the better sales you make. Since CRM stores all the customer-related information, it provides a platform to analyze the customer’s needs and desires to let you cater better.

Decreased admin tasks

CRM also plays a significant role in relieving most of the burden of the administrators in the sales team. It cuts down on the repetitive actions that consume a substantial amount of time and yet yield low benefits. From keeping reminders to storing price details, it does all of it to allow the team to focus on the more productive aspects of the work.

Using G Suite CRM

Now that you are already familiar with the usage of a CRM let us talk more about Google G Suite CRM. Rather than being separate entities, these CRMs are built right into G Suite. They are carefully formulated, keeping in mind the work environment that they are to engage with. For business requiring basic CRM support, these arise as a reliable option. With a more prominent organizational structure, you might want to install a full-fledged CRM; however, for budding business housing, G Suite CRM can be a perfect fit.

The best G Suite CRMs

NetHunt and Streak are the two most popular options that offer relevant features for small businesses and salespeople to rely on.


NetHunt is constructed in a way to integrate effortlessly not only with Gmail but also other tools of Google, like Calendar, hangouts, and so on. It offers its users a variety of features, which are discussed below.

To catalyze your sales process, NetHunt takes the freedom to transform many of your G Suite tools. For instance, it automatically sets up events and activities in the Calendar so that you receive timely notifications and reminders. Along with this, based on your NetHunt records, it modifies your Drive folder. It also adds relevant and contextual information right on the Hangout screen to put up a fine introduction. It also employs colour coding to sort out follow-up dates and reminders. This makes it easier to track where you are heading.

It comes with three plans, namely, Free, Professional and Enterprise. The Free plan gives a trial opportunity to figure its efficiency for yourself. It allows two users and two bulk email campaigns for a month each.


Streak is an extremely simple and user-friendly G Suite CRM. You need no technical expertise whatsoever to be able to operate the software. If you can work on Sheets, Streak will be a cup of tea for you. Some of the significant features of Streak are elaborated below.

With everyone in the office wearing a few hats, keeping a track on emails becomes a big issue. This software lets you know whenever someone else has opened your emails. Along with this, it provides all the details of time and place of access. Even if you haven’t been added on the thread, but you are an employee in sales, it keeps you informed about all the email transactions. It uses interactive graphics and charts to present the status of your purchases and other relevant processes. In addition to this, facilities like contextual reminders, templates, mail merges are also provided.

Streak also offers three levels of subscriptions, namely, Personal, Professional, and Enterprise. The first level is free of cost and is limited to its basic features. The Enterprise level offers a range of options and support services; however, it does appear a little pricy.

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