3 Best Apps That You Need to Download Today

With the technology that we have today, people are more thankful because they can use them in their daily needs. Applications are tools or software that people use every day to achieve specific tasks and even entertain themselves. Those apps are used for communication, watching videos, mobile gaming, learning new things, and a lot more. So here are some of the best apps that you need to download today.


Youtube is the perfect app for an individual who only wants to watch videos randomly. You can download and access this app for free to your iOS and Android devices. With the help of Youtube, you can enjoy watching different kinds of videos such as DIY videos, Vlogs, music videos, lyric videos, movie trailers, documentary films, and many more.

There are many of those video types, and you can enjoy them anytime that you want through your mobile devices. If you have limited internet access and you want to enjoy those videos all day, you can check this out and know how to download youtube videos. People can also create their own Youtube channel so that they can upload multiple videos and gather lots of views on their contents.


Facebook is a social media platform that enables users to upload pictures and videos, set up their timeline, comment, like, and share content, add people to their friend’s list, and even post anything that you can think of. With billions of subscribers, Facebook is getting more popular each day. A lot of people are also addicted to this app, and it seems that they can’t stop browsing and using it.

This app is also a great way to connect with different people that you know personally, and you don’t know. You can add them as your friend, post in their timeline, and even message them using the separate app called the “Messenger.” Users can also follow their favorite celebrities and view their live streams.


With a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a famous app which allows users to post photos and short clips to their profiles. By using this app, you can follow other users so that you can see what they are posting on your feed, which makes you updated about their business. You can also post videos or photos with captions, hashtags, and geotags. With the help of geotags and hashtags, other users that don’t follow, you can also see your posts.

Users can also choose to have a private or public profile. But if you pick to have a private account, you can filter out users who want to follow you. Instagram is also a perfect app if you’re going to show everyone the photos of your recent adventures and what you are currently doing.


Applications are made for people to use them as tools for entertainment, doing tasks, and even for communication. While there are many apps in the market today, choose those apps that can help you in lots of ways and make your life more comfortable.

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