Top 5 Best Dating Sites in 2019

If you are new to online dating, one of the first aspects of this activity which you will notice is that there are so many different outlets for you to choose from. What will make your decision even more awkward is the fact there is often very little to differentiate between individual sites in terms of popularity or potency.

Sometimes it’s down to personal choice. While it can be difficult to home in on the platform which is going to be most suited to you, you can certainly gain an overview with a modicum of research. Here are five of the best dating sites for 2019.

Flirt is a dating website which has grown in popularity, and is now one of the go-to choices for newbies, as well as being a stalwart for users who have become familiar with its slick interface and easy navigation.

Anyone who is new to Internet dating is welcomed into the Flirt chat rooms, where they have every chance of interacting with individuals from different parts of the globe as they increase their friendship circle, perhaps sewing the seeds of inter-cultural romance. As well as the traditional route for matchmaking, Flirt offers its clients excellent dating tips, giving newcomers the impression they aren’t so much joining a dating site as an online community.


At the core of eHarmony lies its drive towards ensuring anyone joining has the maximum opportunity of being matched with someone compatible. Site visitors are treated to a much more intensive Q and A session than the basic questions faced in many other initiations.

Here they are faced with a fairly wide-ranging questionnaire, intended to tease out a diverse backdrop of information to allow the algorithms within the site to ensure visitors are paired with people sharing their aspirations. Rather than ingathering generic details about someone’s favorite food, they are presented with far more probing queries about their personality, or their ideological beliefs.


With members in 25 countries across the sphere, Match is one of the websites which personifies the cosmopolitan aspect of online dating. If you are relatively new to using the Internet to find a potential partner, you will love this particular aspect of this website.

There are will always be local singles who can be contacted, but part of the attraction of using something like this site is that you have every chance of encountering potential dates from more exotic climes. Part of the charm of chatting with international partners is finding out more about each other’s cultures and laughing at each other’s attempts to translate certain words or phrases.


EliteSingles caters for a specific niche in the matchmaking environment: professional singles. Around 70% of the site users are university-educated and have been drawn to this particular dating platform in the hope of finding themselves matched to someone from a similar academic or vocational background.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, as many daters prefer to have a much larger pool of potential talent at their disposal. But even with the  higher than average fees  charged, EliteSingles enjoys a dedicated audience


Cupid is a dating site which is worth a particular mention because of one of its unusual and quirky attributes. It appreciates newcomers to the dating game can sometimes be overwhelmed by the possibilities on offer, right at your fingertips.

In order to guide them through the potentially tricky maze as they search for prospective partners, Cupid provides them with your very own mentor or ‘wingman.’ This guy, affectionately named Barney, is on hand to provide assistance at every step while you progress through your new adventure.

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