Best Free Plagiarism Checkers for Writing Perfect Research Papers

The biggest, not to say unforgivable, academic mistake a student can make is to use ideas and thoughts that are not yours in your paper. We guess there’s no need to remind you of the gravity of such academic offense as plagiarism, which is fraught with warnings, resubmissions, failing a particular course, and even expulsion from a higher educational institution.

While a vast majority of students know that copying other people’s thoughts is wrong and unacceptable, they often tend to fall victim to the so-called unintentional plagiarism. Say, you read an article relevant to your research and some important ideas were stored away in your consciousness. As a result, you may end up presenting someone else’s thoughts as your own.  The similar problem may occur if you cite another person’s ideas incorrectly and fail to give a writer credit at all.

I recently read an article from my favorite educational platform that provides access to top-rated study materials like this stoichiometry document that is relevant to my research and some important ideas were stored away in my consciousness.

To avoid any misunderstandings and possible penalties, students often contact essay writing services such as Edusson. You can do the same or rely on plagiarism detection tools. Such programs are specifically designed to help students spot plagiarisms and then reword or remove the plagiarized parts from their writing. With so many options available in the market, you may find yourself unable to choose the tool that can best meet your academic needs. Therefore, we suggest that you take a look at the best free plagiarism detection tools that are widely used by students. Check out the list below.

#1 Edusson Free Essay Plagiarism Checker

Looking for a handy plagiarism checker online? We suggest that you try out Edusson plagiarism checker that can compare your text to billions of online publications, including those that appear in scholarly databases, and detect duplicate content in the blink of an eye. All you need to do to make sure your college paper is 100 % original is to copy and paste your text into the search field and select the “Check for Plagiarism” option. Alternatively, you can select a required file on your computer and upload it to the platform to start checking it. Once the system is done checking your text, you’ll be provided with detailed report where the percentage of unique and duplicate content will be specified.

#2 Quetext

Another tool worth your attention is Quetext. Similarly to Edusson plagiarism checker, it doesn’t boast any advanced options, but is highly efficient and easy to use. Quetext utilizes proprietary plagiarism-detection software which makes it possible to quickly identify the sentences that may be plagiarized and alert you to potential dangers. The program will underline dubious sentences in red and provide an average score for every paper submitted. Quetext will also provide you with links to the sources containing potential matches so that you can see yourself what issues you need to fix to make your paper unique.

Quetext is also famed for its DeepSearch tech, which offers a more thorough plagiarism search that will let your compare your paper to those web sources that normally remain inaccessible to other plagiarism detection tools. Still, unlike Quetext’s standard search tech, DeepSearch is a paid option.

#3 Copyscape

Copyscape is an excellent solution to those users who want to validate originality of their context. If need be, you can take advantage of filters and thus customize your search. You may specify the name of the website your want to exclude from the search engine and proceed with the check. Copyscape also makes it possible for you to validate your own text for duplication. Such an option may come in handy when you need to produce large quantities of copies.

#4 PlagScan

PlagScan can be rightly considered one of the smartest online plagiarism detection tools. Not only does it promptly estimate the quantity of plagiarized content and highlight plagiarized chunks of text, but it also works with various files formats, such as .doc, .rtf., .pdf, .txt, and others. Moreover, PlagScan takes rewording and improper citations into account when looking for duplicates. You can check up to 2000 words free of charge. But once the trial version expires, you’ll need to purchase a word or page-driven plan to continue using PlagScan.

# 5 Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

One of the best plagiarism checking solutions currently available in the market is Grammarly. This exceptional tool can find the matches to other texts from ProQuest’s database or any other electronic page on the Internet. It hasn’t been until recently that users have started using Grammarly without paying for subscription.

But it’s only possible provided that you’re using supported browsers, that is Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. Now you also can join the army of students taking advantage of Grammarly plagiarism checker to ensure your papers are 100% unique. And don’t forget that Grammarly is rightly considered the world’s most accurate online grammar checker, which means that you can make your paper not only unique but also error-free with its help.

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