Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Softwares for Any Mac User in 2020

Creating a stunning video that is captivating is always a tedious task. It does not have to be with the perfect video editing software. With suitable software, like, it is a lot easier to create refined videos.

However, not all video editing software is compatible with Mac devices. The ones that are suitable are often expensive. Yet, there are free video editing softwares available for Mac users. Read on to find out!

Not all video editors work on all operating systems. If you are a Mac user, here are the top ten free video editing tools to use in 2020:

1#) Movavi

This one is designed with a UI that makes the user comfortable in hours to produce a fine-tuned video quickly. The free version of the tool is best utilized with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

It allows the editor to use filters, color correct, add voice-overs, and even manipulate it. It also allows users to record videos using a webcam and edit the content. It features  AI elements and a library of suitable music.  Users can export the edited videos into any popular format.

2#) iMovie

This editing tool was developed by Apple Inc. itself specifically for iOS devices and Mac. It is continuously improving. Any editor should pick this software to import clips through USB, hard-drive, or FireWire and get started with basic editing tools.

Some of its prominent features include color correction,  effects, and video optimization.

3#) Blender

This free video editing software has a unique blend of editing tools. It allows the user to create videos and refine them with almost every possible tool at their immediate disposal.

It is supported by Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. Blender takes some time to get used to. With the enrichment of technical functionality, it is one of the best editors. It offers users color grading, a video sequence editor, and even 3D effects.

4#) Filmora – Mac

The desktop version of this editor is best supported by Mac OS X 10.10 or higher. One of its promising features is that all the advanced tools are made readily available on the user-friendly interface.

Even in the free version, you can create, edit, and export videos in any format with a high resolution. It allows you to alter the speed up to 100 times. It also provides complete background noise removal and addition of 5-10 audio tracks in one edited clip.

5#) Kdenlive

This open-source software is majorly based on Linux. But, the free version is accessible on Mac as well, only through MacPorts.

The most distinctive feature of the video editor is the proxy file mode. This mode is specially created to deal with large-sized videos. It makes the editing process easier for the user.

You can export videos in any format, create creative 2D titles with custom alignment, and even customize the shortcuts.

6#) Davinci Resolve

This is one of the most popular editing tools available. It allows 3D editing, video trimming along with a time curve function. In this software, any particular frame can be edited with key-frame elements. It also has the smoothest process to apply high-quality color grading. This is considered essential to ensure every frame focuses on the right element.

7#) Avidemux

This is another editor made available at no cost with all essential tools of video editing present. It is easily accessible on Mac and allows the user to export finely-tuned videos in several known formats such as MP4, DVD, AVI AC3, etc. This easy compatibility allows users to import and edit clips recorded in all these formats.

All the known and necessary editing tools such as trimming, applying filters, and refining color can be done with the easy-to-install software.

8#) HitFilm Express

This editor is the preferred choice among editors who are already familiar with video editing. However, beginners can explore the various courses made available on how to use this editor.

HitFilm Express Allows the user to choose from a list of close to 400 effects and generate a high-resolution video.

9#) Shotcut

This is another known video editing tool that works well with Mac. It offers a flexible and customizable toolbar.

It allows the user to perform many actions while editing the video. These include applying filters, choosing a soundtrack with adjusted sound levels, and converting to any video format such as WebM, H264, and others.

There is an added advantage of working with the lossless mode of this editor. This mode ensures the quality of the video is not compromised while editing. It allows the user to correct or alter the edited clip’s already applied actions.

10#) Lightworks

This professional editing software has a long list of amazing tools to help editors create a masterpiece. This award-winning editor is known for its easy installation and low space requirement.  It requires only 3GB memory.  The software works at optimum levels to offer features like 4k proxy, Multicam editing, and a multi-layered timeline.

11#) Conclusion

Videos are great marketing tools. Also, if you are looking for how to make money online, creating high-quality videos for YouTube through such tools is an excellent idea. Despite using proper equipment and recording a high-resolution video, it is essential to make use of an editor.  Hence, an excellent editing tool is necessary to ensure that your video is clear and effective.

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