Best Gaming Desk Chair Reviewed Guide

Sitting for long hours playing your favorite video game on the computer or your gaming console is not as simple as it may sound to you. It can easily cramp your back and give you serious aches across several parts of your body. Thus, it is important for you to look for a good quality gaming chair.

It is needless to say that when you sit, the right position of your back will never stretch your spinal ligaments and muscles. It will also not relax the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Your chest organs will not be squeezed, and the intervertebral cartilage will never take an asymmetric shape. Most of the gaming chairs that you will come across will not meet these needs.

What Actually Makes A Chair into A Gaming Chair?

It is very obvious for you to understand that a good quality gaming chair will always make you feel comfortable even if you sit on it for long hours. It is always a good idea to try and sit on a chair before you decide to buy it. If this is not possible, then try and find as much information about the chair as possible.

It is good for you to note that there are various types of chairs that are designed to cater to different types of situations. You will come across chairs like PC chairs, rockers, racing chairs, stools, and even bean bags. A good quality gaming chair will not just increase your gaming experience, it will also improve your general and overall well-being.

There are also several other features to look for in a gaming chair from this source. The backrest of the chair should be high enough to easily support your head. It should also come with a swiveling base and proper armrests. The wheeled castors of the chair should also be able to spin freely. Basically, a gaming chair is supposed to be more adjustable than any other ordinary office chair. For example, the chair should be able to spin around freely, and the armrests should be able to slide smoothly. The height of the chair should also be adjustable without much trouble.

Why Choose Ergonomic Gaming Chairs?

The primary reason for you to opt for a gaming chair is comfort level. It is needless to say that of you are comfortable sitting in your chair, you will easily be able to sit on it for longer hours and also be highly productive. If you sit on a chair that fails to provide proper and effective lumbar support will automatically increase discomfort and spinal stress. You may say that your seat plays a major role when it comes to supporting your spine and back. It should also be given special attention when you decide to shop for a gaming chair.

Factors to Consider

By now you must have understood that choosing any gaming chair will not help you much, especially when you plan on playing for longer hours sitting in the same place. There are certain factors to consider when you shop for the best gaming chair. Some of these factors have been discussed below.

  • Synchro Tilt Mechanism: This type of mechanism is probably one of the most important and advanced factors that makes a gaming chair truly ergonomic. Synchro tilt mechanism basically regulates the way a seat reclines. There are different types of synchro tilt mechanisms. These are basically differentiated by the ratio of the seat recline angle to the backrest recline angle. The higher the ratio, the better it will be for you. Normally, this ratio falls between 1:2 and 1:2.8.
  • Seat: There are different materials used to make the seat of a chair. These include mesh, fabric, faux leather or leather, polyurethane, and vinyl. Mesh seats make the chair look cool and modern. It also makes you remain cool even if you sit on it for longer hours. Mesh also contours to your body and helps the body weight to get distributed across a larger area. Thus, it reduces the pressure from the butt, spine, and hip regions. On the other hand, seats made of fabric provide better air circulation and does not get hot or sticky with time. Leather seats do not get dirty that easily and are quite immune to stains. It is also pretty simple to wash a leather seat. PU leather tends to make you sweat a lot and it is also absolutely non-breathable.
  • Seat Depth: This aspect is rather critical for people who are either too tall or too short. A taller person will need more seat depth than a shorter person.

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