5 Best International Fax Services

Fax provides a greater layer of security than email. No wonder fax is not a defunct technology. Using the best online fax services is becoming the standard way for businesses to securely and swiftly send their documents.

With online fax services, no equipment is required to send faxes making it easy to transfer files. The best online fax service should suit your needs as an individual, small or large business.

In this guide, we highlight the 5 best international fax services available today.

 Part 1: CocoFax – The go-to international fax service

CocoFax offers an online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes. What’s more, it lets you send international fax via Google Fax Free. This online fax service is used by millions of users across the world.

Also, it has attracted the attention of major media outlets such as Forbes. Best of all, you send an international fax on your smartphone, computer, or tablet/iPad with CocoFax.

1.1 What makes CocoFax the best online international fax service?

CocoFax comes with unmatched online faxing features. For instance, you get the freedom to choose a fax number for free after subscription. Besides, this faxing service makes online faxing easy while retaining traditional fax security.

Here are some of the outstanding CocoFax features:

Supports faxing on multiple devices

CocoFax allows you to send international fax on multiple devices from smartphones to computers. So, with CocoFax you can send an international fax from anywhere.

CocoFax eliminates the restrictions of sending faxes from your office using the traditional fax machine. Above all, you don’t need a phone line to send a fax using this online fax service.

Web-based online fax service

CocoFax is a web-based international faxing service that lets you send faxes online. It turns all your devices into premium fax machines without the need for hefty investments. All the faxing takes place online making it convenient.

Safe and secure

To ensure your faxes are safe online, CocoFax uses advanced encryption techniques. This way, your faxes remain secure when transmitting across the world on the internet.

Reliable and reputable brand

CocoFax is a reliable online fax service. The service sends you delivery notifications for each fax sent. It will notify you when a fax is successfully delivered and generates a failure report if it is not delivered.

This eliminates the worries that may arise. Besides, you have the option of sending international fax via email, CocoFax dashboard or CocoFax app.

1.2 Using CocoFax to send an international fax

To send an international fax using CocoFax you need several things:

  • CocoFax – online fax service
  • Fax number
  • Exit code
  • Country code
  • Receiver’s fax address

Below are the steps involved when sending international fax using CocoFax.

Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax account. With this service, you get 30-day free trial period and a fax number.

Step 2: Depending on the platform follow the guidelines below:

  • When using a browser, in the dashboard click ‘New Fax’. In the pop-up window fill the ‘To’ field with the destination fax address.

Follow this convention [Exit Code] [Country Code] [Fax number] e.g. 011 86 123456. Next, fill in the ‘Subject’ field and compose the fax including attachments. When satisfied click Send.

That’s it! You will get a delivery notification shortly.

  • Using email to send an international fax, open your email client and click create new. In the ‘To’ field provide the destination fax address followed by ‘@cocofax.com’. Follow the format below:

[Exit Code] [Country Code] [Destination Fax number] [@cocofax.com] e.g. [email protected] Fill in the ‘Subject’ field and compose your fax including attachments. When done, click send.

To receive international fax, you only need to share your CocoFax fax number correctly. you will receive them in your CocoFax inbox folder

 Part 2: RingCentral

This online fax service lets you send and receive international faxes without the traditional fax machine. It is a good service. However, it is expensive if you occasionally send faxes near you.

Also, it only archives the last 200 faxes as opposed to lifetime storage you get with CocoFax.

 Part 3: MetroFax

This is another web-based fax service that lets you send and receive local and international faxes. However, international faxing rates apply outside the US and Canada.

Another downside is it requires automatic billing which significantly increases the cost for international faxing.

 Part 4:  Fax.com

Fax.com allows you to send and receive both local and international faxes via a secure website or email. However, it limits you to 300 fax pages a month and charges $0.12 for each additional fax page.

As well, it charges extra when sending international faxes and the charges are not the most competitive.

 Part 5: MyFax

This faxing service allows you to send faxes around the world. Like CocoFax you can send a fax using a mobile app, email or website. However, the similarities end there.

MyFax is expensive. For instance, the cost of faxes varies from email to mobile app to desktop.


With online fax services, you can send and receive international faxes. For this, you need a reliable and reputable international fax service like CocoFax. Try CocoFax today you may just realise what you’ve been missing.

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