Best RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

What are torrents?

Let us first know what are Torrents? Torrents refer to sharing a file through a P2P sharing network. This enables a user to transfer files without uploading them on a server. Some government agencies also use them for sharing large images with their clients.

How does Torrenting works?

For storing files, torrenting is not dependent on a centralized server. Instead, files are broken down into pieces by a P2P communication and are transferred from uploaders to downloaders through a torrent client.

It is not illegal to download torrent files. It is only illegal if copyrighted material is uploaded or downloaded by a user through a torrent client.

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To start downloading torrents on RARBG, software is required for keeping the record of information. This piece of software is referred to as a BitTorrent client. Which is the best BitTorrent client depends on your requirements and the type of system you run.

What is RARBG?

RarBG offers a large torrent library for file sharing with friends and family using the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG is the go-to torrenting platform for millions of people. RARBG is constantly updated with the greatest, up-to-date RARBG proxy sites where you can discover any premium material you might want without paying a single thing, and it’s in the top five of the world’s best torrenting sites.Although torrent services such as RARBG are most known for downloading games, you can also use RARBG to download music, movies, and TV shows to keep yourself entertained.

Numerous torrents, convenient visualization, advanced search are some of the advantages of RARBG.Contrarily, some of its demerits are requests captcha, no division of games, software and music into categories and blockage of some proxy websites such as ‘RARBG.TO’ in some regions.

History and design of RARBG

It was founded in 2008 and had a very sparse and concise design. However, the site with a very intuitive interface is very easy to use and straightforward. To log in, a prominent space is located on the top of the homepage.

How to use RARBG?

Here are some easy and quick steps for using RARBG. Firstly, it’s essential to download a torrent client. Numerous torrent clients are available in the market. However, it is suggested to go for Deluge and Fixate.

If nothing of these options work, there’s always BitTorrent. Keep in mind that torrent clients with the name uTorrent should be avoided. After you’ve installed your torrent client, you’re ready to go ahead.

Secondly, if you care about security, then don’t forget to get a VPN. From different options, do your self-research and select the best VPN for torrenting. After installing the VPN app, turn it ON and visit the RARBG website.

For visiting the RARBG website, you must utilize a trustworthy and secure link. Never use a URL that you are unfamiliar with. After visiting the RARBG website through an appropriate link, finally, search for the file you want and download it.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of text on the webpage when looking for your file. Instead, choose the torrents option and search for the torrent you desire using the search box on the following page. After you’ve clicked on the needed torrent file, carefully read the visitor comments before deciding whether or not to download it. After you’ve double-checked everything, download your file.

What are mirror sites?

Various torrent websites domains have been restricted in some areas due to issues such as unauthorized file sharing and sharing copyrighted files without permission or license. Mirror sites can be used to solve this problem.After understanding the concept of RARBG, take a look at the meaning of mirror sites. In brief, a mirror site is an alternative to an original website which doesn’t have its domain blocked.

Similar to the mirror that reflects you, mirror sites reflect the original or main domain.

The 4 best public proxies

Here are some proxies that are very fast and offers content similar to the main domain.


It has been working since 2015, and it is the main domain of the site. But, unfortunately, it is unavailable in various countries. So, you have to use VPN to bypass restrictions.


This domain is registered by Grassroot. In 2016-18 a peak was noticed in blocking sites that contribute to illegal marketing or distribution of videos, software and other intellectual property.


As the name suggests, this is the oldest proxy. The domain is located in the .com zone so, it is unique. Recently, all torrent sites located in this proxy zone are down. So, it is suggested to try a different proxy.


This proxy makes available all of the RARBG torrent files. It is ideal for users because similar to other proxies, it is also registered.

Final thoughts

We addressed the value of RARBG proxies and the finest public proxies in this post. Furthermore, what are torrents and how do they work? Although it’s difficult to say whether downloading torrents is safe or not, if you are cautious with the origin of the files and proceed with all the care then it won’t cause any problem.

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