Best sites to get free online courses and enrich your tech skills.

The world is changing, and technology is right at the heart of this change. However, most people struggle with raising enough money to pay for college tuition fees. Thanks to this technology also, things don’t have to be that way anymore. There are several online courses available free of charge to help curb the financial challenges for most people and gain skills in the ever-growing technology field. If it interests you to change your career or learn something new tech-wise, you’re in the right place. Let’s help you get started on this journey. The following are some online sites that will ensure you walk away with as many skills as you can at no extra cost. You can also find more content concerning this topic on homework help services.


Those interested in networking and security, game development, software development, software tools, mobile applications, IT management, data science, software engineering, etc. can opt for this site. There are different choices for diploma and certificate courses. The courses are free, but getting certification requires you to pay a certain fee. You can choose to pay for a premium account at $9 monthly. The premium account will give you access to exciting features that a standard user gets. All the same, you will acquire relevant skills even with a basic account.

  1. Codecademy 

This site offers free programming code classes in 10 languages, namely Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, HTML, Angular.js, CSS, and Sass. From the course, you get hands-on experience while receiving feedback from peers in real-time. The basic account comes free of charge for any user. A pro account costs $19.99 every month to get access to more practical projects, tutors, and quizzes.

Best sites to get free online courses

  1.  Coursera 

Although the site isn’t free entirely, you can get reap out a good selection from their free courses on computer programming. They have several programming languages you may choose from. It’s free to sign up, but getting certification varies in price.

  1. Dash General Assembly.

This site offers free courses on the basics of developing a website and all associated skills despite being a for-profit organization. It focuses on three main programming languages, that is JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The online nature of the program lets you learn at your speed. It is a good way of testing the waters when it comes to web design.

  1. EDX

Users can access programs offered by this platform for free, and they have courses from renowned universities like Harvard and MIT. Courses range from interactive learning exercises, online textbooks, tutorial videos, and short videos. After completing your course, you are given a certificate while in some courses, it may count as a university or college.

  1. Harvard Online Learning.

There is a lot to gain by enrolling in any course offered online by Harvard University. They offer excellent lectures, course material, and educational programs for free. There are several content providers for online learning, which include GetSmarter, AdX, Harvard Business school, Harvard medical school, Harvard Extension School, and HarvardX.

  1. Khan Academy. 

The non-profit organization started in 2006 seeks to provide free and quality online education for students. They use YouTube videos for teaching, after which a student can access more exercises online. Their lessons are such that they are accessible from any mobile device in any language. Also, there are subtitles for each video for easy comprehension.

  1. Microsoft Learn. 

There are several certifications one can get for various services and products offered by Microsoft. The learning paths have several modules relevant to a course topic and more focused certifications that require an exam or two before being given a certificate. The free bit is courses you can enroll and learn at your own pace. Moreover, there are certified trainers who offer instructor-led courses.


These are just some of the online sources you can use to acquire skills in the technology field. You are free to try some or all of these sites at your pleasure.




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