15 Best Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Live Sport

Sports Streaming sites become a prominent part of the personal life for the people who love live streaming or sports streaming. Sports are the much-needed stuff to be fit or healthy; However best sports streaming sites need to enjoy the live matches thrill on TV or other streaming device and medium.

I am a big fan of cricket, football, rugby and other sports. When any game happens, many people aspire to associate with these best sports streaming sites to enjoy that game on the Mobile or PC. There are many free or paid tools according to the terms and conditions of channels which are organizing the contest.

As a reader Here, Y’all are also in the same mindset and desire to remember about these websites which will allow you live sports.

In today’s electronic age where almost everyone owns a smartphone or laptop, watching live sports on TV is becoming an older trend, and live streaming sites are the talk-of-the-day.

Although numerous websites and apps offer the stream of sports, everyone deserves the best and so; we list the best sports streaming sites to enjoy the live games.

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I made a list with lots of option, some of them are available in free, and some of them are paid. I only pick the best sports streaming sites with maximum availability and superior services.

Best Sports Streaming Sites

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a household name in India and other cricket-loving countries due to its free streaming of IPL and some other international cricket matches. Apart from cricket, it also emphasises many other international sports which can be accessed through the app. Hotstar is accessible from App Store for free download.

StarSports.com used to the core for all matches broadcasted by Start network as well as a few other domestic and league games. Since the website was recently merged with Hotstar app, all content from the Star Sports website has been moved to the app. Also in addition to sports, it also features movies, series and other entertainment.

hotstar best sport streaming sites

The app also features a premium subscription for better features; however, one can watch most live sports without a premium subscription. Hotstar is a significant part of best sports streaming sites for people who adore cricket a lot.

Site:- http://www.hotstar.com/sports

2. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is another reputable website and streaming service that commenced out as a complement to cable networks, and now, it has expanded into a multitude of services: website for live streaming, Android and iOS apps, Windows Store app and the original cable network service apart from the TV channel.

This sports streaming site emphasises all the matches that are streamed by ESPN network channels for all sports including cricket, football, baseball, tennis and basketball among many others.

It is one of the prime candidates for the live stream of all sorts of beloved sports. With a neat design, hassle-free experience and no third-party ads, this ranks as the high-grade overall and long-lasting streaming assistance.

Website: http://www.espn.com/watch


Laola1 is the Austrian sports streaming site that presents live streaming of many prestigious sports such as football and some non-mainstream sports such as volleyball, table tennis and tennis. One of the focus of this place to facilitate the secondary sports reach out to the broader audience, so it empowers anyone to watch these sports live and for free.

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LAOLA1 compromises the independent nature of content by dispensing some advertisement s which is assuredly not irritating at all, unlike other options. However, the ads can be eliminated by paying a subscription fee which also unlocks HD mode for streaming.


Website: http://www.laola1.tv

4. BossCast

BossCast belongs to the container of the best sports streaming sites for Us-based audiences since the streamed matches are targeted towards US viewers such as baseball, soccer, rugby, basketball and boxing. Although it is not as beloved as some other entries here, this rookie is becoming a genuinely reputable source, and also, the rate and quality are growing day by day.

The chief reason behind its booming user base is its high-quality streaming and a side-lined chat section. It too stars some games for a universal public such as F1, football, Moto GP, etc.

Website: www.bosscast.eu/

5. Stream2watch

It is one of the most prominent sites listed here as it features not only live-streams of numerous modern games but also some animes and TV series as well. For each live match, it furnishes various mirrors and thus avoids lag being caused due to overloading of the server.

A notable highlight of this website is its user interface: it highlights a dark theme which is gratifying to the eye for night times and indoor spectators. Also, if there is a live match currently, it will be undeviatingly linked to the home page of the place.

It arises with a search box too that facilitates users to navigate to any game they crave to view soon. The exclusive downside is the ads being annoyingly long and plunders some thrill of the sport.

Website: http://www.stream2watch.eu/

6. LiveTV.sx

This site is for the keen-eyes, detail craving viewers as it features all stats and points table of significant leagues alongside the live stream of the match. Apart from that, it remains as one of the best sports streaming sites over many ages. The users have to register to access the content although it is free to see them.

The clean and crisp interface is its choicest trait and assists the viewers surely find the live matches by conferring the most awaited event of the day in the top pane. The left pane appears with the sports categories and games while the right pane shows the schedules.

The point table of the major leagues is highlighted in the bottom pane. Also, the tab heading shows the live score as well.

Website: http://www.livetv.sx

7. FromHot

FromHot is the mildest on this list of top sports streaming sites – no sign-ups, no messed-up navigation system and there is the passage to all major sports’ live performance right on the home page. The tidy and elegant design is the website’s highlight.

Even the homepage represents the currently most widespread live game which can be changed using the navigation bar on the top pane. Of course, there are commercials, but it is within the tolerable limit.

SportLemon is a mirror of this website, and both provide the equivalent streaming for all live games and alike traits under different names.

Website: http://www.fromhot.com / http://www.sportlemon.net

8. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is the official website for Sony Entertainment, and so, any game whose virtues are with Sony is streamed live here for free. Vital games featured here hold cricket, football, hockey, rugby and motorsports. It also involves some proper analysis and highlights videos for preceding cricket series.

There is a premium subscription open that unlocks continuous streaming for the extensive time, HD quality and all past videos.

sonyliv top sports streaming sites

Apart from sports, TV shows and movies are also featured. It is similar to the Star network’s website; however, it couldn’t procure adequate prevalence to transform a media giant like Star Sports in the sports section. It is a prominent option for people who want to access streaming sports sites.

Website: http://www.sonyliv.com/custompage/all_sport_page

9. StreamWoop.net

StreamWoop is also presumed and includes in the list of best free sports streaming sites that’s been enduring for so long. US-based games are the attraction here too and the dominating games being baseball, basketball, boxing and golf. Apart from USA games, football, cricket and tennis games have also circulated here.

The view of this page is not only comprehensive but is balanced and simplistic. It has a chat permitted in the contestant panel for viewers to share their opinions. The home page lists all live and upcoming games for quick navigation. It has a significant user base that retains the website growing.

10. AllSportLive

Notwithstanding the game being an apparent reference that it stars most popular games, the surprise element is the language support – this site supports over 20 languages, and shows live games pigeonholed based on sport, channel and communication as well.

Like some of the previous entries seen above, this is the stable site in the field of online streaming, and it has done well over the past few years to earn itself a spot in the top ten websites.

Notable features include: direct streaming with no sign-up, ads are present but not annoying, multi-language and multi-country support and layout of schedule for major leagues.

all sports live

Website: http://allsport-live.net/gre

11. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is another age-old name in this list of sports live-streaming websites. Like most websites, FirstRowSports also features a schedule of upcoming games, links to live game on the home page and so on. The reason for this site being placed as low as the 11th place is that, the advertisements are too frequent and annoying.

If you can tolerate that, then high-quality streaming is easily accessible on this site. Also, it provides multiple links (not mirrors) for viewing a single match, so that the user can have fail-safe options in case a stream is down or link is broken.

Website: http://www.firstrowsports.eu or http://www.firstrowsports.tv

12. Streamsports

Contrast to the previous entry, StreamSports.me is relatively new but it contains enough highlights to attract a lot of viewers in a short span of time and it is slowly growing into one of the best live sports streaming sites of recent times.

The significant points are the home page, reduce the number of ads and additional sections that features news, articles, etc. The home page contains all essential links to live sports matches as well as other parts. The lack of ads makes this website more suitable for easy-going viewers.

Apart from standard features mentioned for above websites, there is no stand-out feature and hence the 12th place.


Website: http://www.streamsports.me

13. Cricfree

Cricfree has two main talking points: cricket which is evident from the name and friendly & straightforward user interface. It is famous for streaming Australian and other nations’ domestic tournament such as Big Bash. This sports streaming website directly flows the same as the original broadcast, and so, it is of the same model as any other website.

CricFree has one of the conventional user interfaces among these 15 sites, and that is the primary reason for its widespread user base. To top it up, the site also has a regular schedule with proper links to live streams which makes it easier for navigation. It goes by various top-level domains according to the country. Commonly, its available in Cricfree.sc or Cricfree.li.

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Website: http://www.cricfreee.li

14. VIPBox

VIPBox is another standard term for streaming sports sites, and the 14th position is only due to continuous change of mirrors and hence the unavailability of the website at certain times. However, it is still a great place to access all essential sports under various categories.

The entries in VIPBox that are usually not found in other sites are Snooker and some other board games as well as NASCAR and F1 races – so that’s another highlight.However, it is well-known for streaming live action football games and providing options for choice of website language. Despite the above-said decline, the user base is continually increasing in recent times. It is a significant term for the best streaming sports sites in modern days.

vipbox sports streaming sites

Website: http://vipbox.tv

15. StreamHunter

The attractive and clean home page of this website will offer you a fantastic experience at this site gets updated on a regular basis. StreamHunter is one of the best online sports streaming sites.

List of all the matches is on the top side with a search button. Search the sport, select the link and start watching your favourite game for free.

Like the LiveTV site, the interface of StreamHunter has a little bit similarity. Quickly you can change your location as well as the GMT instantly. The header section of the site allows you to select the sports if you want to enjoy stream match online. All current live sports with links are shown on the homepage.

From the drop-down menu, you can also filter the live stream link by selecting your favourite game. A drawback of this website is like the torrent download sites a lot of pop up ads appear again & again. This site is the only issue they should solve. If you judge with their all features, this will seem to you one of the best sports sites

Website: http://www.streamshunter.tv

Last Word

There ends our list of top 15 best sports streaming sites. Some note-worthy mentions that didn’t make it into the top 15 are BatmanStream.com, Stream2U and FootyWire. If you are interested in paid options for an ad-free experience and HD quality, then the popular choices are HDSports.ca, SmoothStreams and SportsNationHd.tv. Also, you can view most games on your home’s television network or better, watch the game live in the stadium traditionally.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informative purposes and does not promote the above websites or services in any manner. The author or the site takes no responsibility for any person’s decision.

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