Top 5 Best Utility Apps for Android

Smartphones have made people connect with the world in a much better way than before. There were days when one had to wait in queue the just to have a word with their loved ones sitting in the other corner of the world. Now, with the transformed technology, all you need is an active Wi-Fi connection, and you can video call with your favourite people whenever you feel like. The number of utility apps that are available online these days are huge, and we know that you would be spoilt for choice trying to pick your favourite. Here are some of the great android apps which are helping out people to connect in a much-transformed way.

ShareIt: Gone are the days when transferring data from one phone to another required a whole lot of time as well as effort. SHAREit has made transferring data much more convenient as well as quicker. You would not even realize, and a large amount of data would be transferred from one device to another. The only condition that prevails is that both the android phones must have this great app installed.

Vidmate: Love watching your favourite movies, cartoons and Tv shows during your alone time? Vidmate can help you download your favourite videos directly from the website’s link in HD quality and store it in your mobile space to watch it later offline. You can even download Instagram stories, videos from youtube, as well as the favourite collection of your songs

WhatsApp: WhatsApp allows you to drop a message to any of the people in your contact list who also used the application. Not only that, but you can also share photographs, videos, as well as documents with this great application. Among all the messengers present online, this is one of the very few who have the minimum number of snags and gives you the best user experience. Additionally, WhatsApp has also started their audio calling as well as a video calling service, which is free of cost and helps you connect with people much conveniently. Just a couple of regular updates and you can stay in touch with your friends on-the-go whenever you like.

 Office Lens: Ever felt helpless due to the lack of a proper scanner. Office lens can convert your printed documents into digital copies with perfection. All you need to do is click a photo, and the application would adjust the document format as well as the shape on its own. You can save a copy of it in the choice of your format let it be a PDF, JPEG or other offered formats. In the absence of a physical scanner, this is probably the best app that will do just the right job and serve your purpose like no other.

UberEats: Ever felt helpless late at night without food in your refrigerator? Or ever felt not like getting up and preparing a meal for yourself? Or ever felt like having restaurant food at the comfort of your home? UberEats provides a solution to all of these above questions. It allows you to order food from the best of the restaurants and eateries in your locality and deliver freshly prepared food right at your doorstep. Moreover, it also offers excellent discounts even on the most popular of the restaurants and fulfils all your cravings throughout the day, late till night.

Making proper use of your smartphone can help you out on a whole lot of levels. The utility android apps mentioned above can be beneficial whenever you need them. They would stand by their world and deliver the best of the services for your convenience.

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