5 Best Ways for Parents to Monitor Kids’ Mobile

There are dozens of social media applications for kids to meet and connect with new people. These applications allow them to create a virtual friend circle with people all around the world. However, parents are usually worried about their kid’s safety on these platforms.

It is because of the increasing cases of cybercrimes reported every day. Hence, parents want to keep track of their kid’s activities to ensure their safety from these incidents.

In this article, we will share the top five platforms that help parents to monitor kid’s activities. From this list, you can try the best android spy app to monitor a kid’s mobile.

You would love to know that all these solutions are safe to use and do not possess any threat to your kid’s privacy. And there is no need to install any software on your device to track them.

So, let’s start and check the best applications to monitor any android or iPhone device you want.


Minspy is the most trusted phone tracking application to monitor a kid’s mobile. It has the trust of more than a million active users on the platform. This application allows its users to verify a device and track its activities remotely.

Due to its effective features, one can easily track someone’s photos, videos, location, browsing history, social media apps, and much more. That is why It comes out as the most suitable option for you.

It is mentioned by Forbes, CNET, and AndroidAuthority for its excellent services. Visit its website to get a free demo without providing your card details.

How does it work?

Minspy works by installing a setup on your kid’s device. Later, this software can be connected to your online account to monitor its activities. Additionally, there are some advanced and easy to use features so that anyone can track their kid’s device conveniently.

The online account is password-protected and does not allow anyone else to check your data. Therefore, it is recommended to create a strong password for your Minspy account while registering on the platform. You can find the step-by-step installation guide to understand its working properly.


Here is the perfect alternative to the Minspy application for tracking your kid’s mobile. Safespy works by connecting a device with an online account. After that, it gets all the phone permissions with its advanced algorithms.

It takes only a few minutes to add and monitor any device you want. As the name suggests, Safespy is one of the most secured platforms for phone monitoring. You can always try this application to monitor android and iPhone devices.

The customer support of this platform does an excellent job in solving its user’s queries. Hence, you can trust it without thinking about the support issues. Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee on every subscription for unsatisfied customers.

Another exciting thing about their website is the encryption technology. It protects all the data and keeps it a safe and secured platform for everyone.


If your kid has an android or iPhone device with high-security, Spyier is the right application for you. This application can give you access to a highly secured device within a few minutes. The application is based on a device’s permission model and works by installing a setup on the device.

However, if it is an iPhone device, you can verify it by entering the iCloud credentials remotely. It means that you do not even need to touch the device to get its access. Spyier has considered the parent’s requirements and made it much easier to register on this platform.

Anyone can visit the website and create an account with minimum knowledge. On top of that, there is an installation guide to take you through the small steps of the verification process. Thus, no assistance is required to set up or use this platform for any device.


Spyine is one of the few applications that offer a complete solution for remote phone tracking. It has an advanced location tracker that keeps you updated with your kid’s real-time location. Additionally, you can check all the places they visited in the past few days.

Like other applications, it has an android keylogger that records all the deleted messages and passwords from the device. This way, you get complete access to all the applications that you want.

The feature that makes it different from other applications is its advanced call logs viewer. This feature of other applications offers limited filters. However, Spyine offers you to check all the call stats of the device. You can check the call history, call duration, frequency, and favorite contacts of your kid.


Here is the last but not least application on our list. Spyic is a platform that is dedicated to helping parents track their kid’s activities online. It has some active features that make any type of phone monitoring a piece of cake.

If you are a parent who is not much interested in technology, then you will love this platform. It has a clean website that helps with the registration and verification process easily. Additionally, there is no need to worry about your or the kid’s data. It is because their server is encrypted with private keys to keep your data limited to yourself.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with caring for your kid’s wellbeing. Hence, you can use any of these platforms to replace your parental control application.

Also, you will never feel like you need a new solution to keep track of your kid’s activities. Additionally, these applications have a stealth mode that makes it easier to protect your identity from the device.

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