The 10 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of 2019

Just under half of the United States population plays video games regularly. If you add that number to the amount of gamers around the globe, you’re looking at a massive network of people.

Given the sheer volume of gamers and the communities that form around today’s gaming top titles, gaming is now a lot of people’s social network. If you want to get in on the fun and enjoy gaming’s social components, you’re going to need to upgrade your gear and buy a gaming headset.

Not just any headset will do though… You’re going to want a headset that’ll give you the flexibility that you need to get up and move around as you strategize with your team or just laugh with friends in a match-making lobby.

That’s why this article is focused on suggesting 2019’s best wireless gaming headsets that are 100% worth your buying consideration.

1. Razer Nari Ultimate

We love the Razer Nari Ultimate headset for more reasons than we have time to disclose in this blog post. To summarize our feelings, we’ll just say that no other headset on the market immerses you into gaming quite like Razer does.

Expect outstanding sound quality and haptic feedback from these that will make the game you’re playing feel so real that you’ll occasionally have to take your headset off just to catch your breath.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7

A lot of best wireless gaming headsets lists have the Steelseries Arctis 7 listed as their top pick. While Steelseries didn’t score our top slot, we can confidently say that we don’t fault anyone that dubs this product headset king.

It absolutely rocks!

The battery life on the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is outstanding and its unique headband makes wearing these bad boys a heck of a lot more comfortable than wearing a lot of its competitors.

3. Corsair HS70

Corsair is one of the biggest brands in gaming and its outstanding lineage is on full display in this wireless headset.

From the moment that you throw the Corsair HS70 on, you’ll take note of its solid build which makes it feel way more expensive than its purchase price. It’s purchase price, actually, is one of this headset’s major sell point.

The Corsair HS70, at the time of our writing, retails for under $70.00 which is under half of what we would have guessed these headphones to be priced at.

4. Turtle Beach Stealth 450

Turtle Beach has made a splash in the gaming headsets market with its attention to marketing.

Don’t let the fanfare around Turtle Beach lead you to believe that they’re all hype though. Turtle Beach makes outstanding headsets. Period.

We love their wireless Stealth 450 product because of its incredible surround sound and darn-decent 15-hour battery life.

5. Audeze Mobius

Fully disclosure: The Audeze Mobius wireless headset might be the best headset that we’ve ever used. We know that’s an odd statement to put out there when placing something in the 5th slot on a list but hear us out…

Audeze packs incredible 3D sound and it’s multi-factor connectivity options make it pretty much compatible with anything.

The big downside to this headset though is its price. Right now, these retail for around $400.00

Is that cost worth the quality boost over its better-priced close competitors? That’s for you to decide.

6. HyperXCloud Flight

If this list was ranking the best wireless gaming headsets that have the coolest names, HyperXCloud Flight would have been in the number 1 spot!

Since that’s not what this list is about though, HyperXCloud Flight sails into the number 6 slot thanks to its comfortable fit, great battery life and well-balanced weight.

7. LucidSound LS35X

The LucisSound LS35X headset is a favorite among Xbox One gamers. The reason why is that it offers wireless connectivity for Xbox One consoles which, if you’ve shopped around for headsets before, you know is a rare feature indeed.

Beyond that unique perk, these headphones pack great sound and carry a moderate price-point.

8. Astro Gaming A50

Are you one of those gamers that like to look good while wearing a headset? If you are, look no further than the Astro Gaming A50.

There’s no headset that offers a build more perfectly executed than this product does.

Astro Gaming A50 isn’t all looks though… Nope! Function meets form here as this headset boasts capable sound quality, an easy to use charging station, a removable microphone and so much more!

9. Bose QuietComfort 35 2

Gaming purists will tell you that the Bose QuietComfort 35 2 headset isn’t a gaming headset at all. And you know what… They’d be right.

This product isn’t traditionally marketed as a gaming headset but you can certainly use it as one. The best part is that when you use this Bose headset when you’re not gaming (listening to music, watching a movie, etc.) you’ll enjoy superior comfort. Seriously, there is no headset that we’ve ever tried that is more comfortable.

Definitely worth the consideration of people who have head and ear discomfort with traditional headset options.

10. Logitech G935

Rounding out our list is the Logitech G935.

This headset sounds good, is reasonably priced and features outstanding auditory spatial awareness which creates an immersive experience when you’re playing core-games.

There’s not much more you can ask for out of a quality product.

Our Final Thoughts on Wireless Gaming Headsets

Sporting the right wireless gaming headsets can make all the difference when it comes to you enjoying a good experience vs a great experience gaming. If you’re looking to take your socializing, gameplay, and other console-based endeavors to the next level, do yourself a favor and pick up one of our suggested products above.

And if you find yourself in need of more gaming inspiration, know that our team is standing by with more solid gaming content that you can read on our blog now!

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