Top 4 Best Writing Apps for Android In 2018

No matter what kind of writing you do, be it for your schoolwork, your blog or your job, you really need an awesome, fully featured writing app to help you keep your thoughts in place. There are no shortage of apps out there, and it can sometimes be hard to choose the right one for you. Sure, they all allow you to input and save text, but it’s the special additional features that will truly into the best writing apps.

Here, we’ve given you a run down on some of the biggest names in Android writing apps so that you can make your choice with ease.

Best Writing Apps for Android

Google Docs

Google Docs is a centralized version of Microsoft Word. In fact, due to Androids integration with Google, Google Docs comes preinstalled on your Android device. This useful app allows you to record your notes and writing so that you can edit on the go and access your files from any other device. You can also collaborate easily by sharing your document links to your peers, and all edits are tracked and updated on the fly.

iA Writer

The best thing about iA Writer is its simplicity. If you just need an app to take down all your thoughts no matter where you are, then iA Writer offers you that plus a little extra. It features a file browser so you can keep track of all your documents, and if you buy college research papers you can keep them separate from your own documents. It also allows you to hide any sentences you aren’t currently working on so you can stay focused.


Evernote is one of those apps that comes in handy for almost everything. The syncing feature allows you to keep all of your notes up to date on all your devices. There are many input features available in Evernote, so you can keep lists or notes depending on what you’re doing. Not only that, but you can also save PDFs and websites that you come across so that they’re all kept neatly in once place. The premium version of Evernote allows for PDF editing and syncing larger amounts of data.

Microsoft Word

You’re already probably very familiar with Microsoft Word, given that it’s on most computers you’ll be using for school and at home. But did you know that it comes preinstalled on Android devices? While Google Docs gives you the flexibility of having centralized document control, Microsoft Word would suit you more if you preferred to have everything in one place and away from an online storage method. If you enjoy privacy then you’d prefer Microsoft Word to Google Docs.

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No matter what your writing requirements, there’s an Android app ready to take down your every thought. From centralized programs that focus on syncing your data between devices, to the standard word processing programs that you’ve grown up with, writing on the Android platform has never been easier. Whether you want to use a free app or pay for a fully featured solution, there’s an Android app for you in the list of best writing apps.

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