Big Brands Who Accept Digital Currency: e-Shopping to the Next Level

Are you looking to make online purchases using digital currency? Perhaps you’re a long-time hodler and you want to make use of your cryptocurrencies, or you’re interested in buying with digital currency to take advantage of juicy deals while protecting your privacy.

This is why we’ve prepared this article for you, to let you know what big brands are accepting digital currency in 2021. So, read this, buy bitcoin and get ready for e-shopping!

Digital currency is changing the eCommerce game

In fact, cryptocurrency is contributing to the growth of eCommerce, especially when we talk about stablecoins, which make it easy for people from around the world to buy from online shops with ease and privacy.

It’s growing a lot more in 2021 because we’re currently in a bullish market, which means that cryptocurrencies are getting more exposure. This invites more brands to enable an increased amount of payment channels.

In fact, several industries are already implementing cryptocurrencies. Here you have a short list:

  • Casino
  • Financial (think of DeFi!)
  • Gaming
  • Supply industry
  • Retail

Now, let’s check how it’s playing out for some of the biggest brands in different industries.

Overstock: Buy the finest furniture with digital currency

If you’re looking to buy some furniture online using your cryptocurrency of choice, now you can do it from Overstock. One of the biggest furniture e-Commerce sites from the USA is accepting Bitcoin payments thanks to their partnership with Coinbase.

The best thing is that they ship worldwide, and they are prone to experiencing the same beneficial effects of accepting cryptocurrencies that other companies in the industry are enjoying in 2021.

Microsoft: Digital stock to the next level

Microsoft is currently accepting a wide myriad of cryptocurrencies so that their customers can acquire their products with ease. ust check the bitcoin price live, buy your share of BTC and use it to buy at Microsoft, including the products from XBox.

From OS to antivirus and several other products, now you have access to one of the biggest and most reputable companies in the world with your digital currency. Furthermore, you can take advantage of some of the crypto-exclusive deals that they offer. J

Expedia: Crypto-travel is now possible

Even though tourism has been widely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still possible to travel in some regions, and hence, it’s a good idea to mention Expedia. It’s one of the largest booking companies in the world, and they’ve been accepting Bitcoin since 2014.


You can use their platform to buy tickets and pay for booking using Bitcoin. And they have been reporting several users who use BTC to use their platform, which speaks very well about adoption and usage.


Since they’re a company with 22 years of experience in the field, it’s a great example of how big brands are actively incorporating cryptocurrencies because it’s helping them to capture more customers.

Home Depot: Hardware gone crypto

Home Depot, similar to Overstock, has started to include cryptocurrencies as a payment channel. You can practically buy all the materials you need to build a house using Bitcoin. You can pay with it just like you’d with a regular credit card.


To make this possible, they have a strategic partnership with Flexa, which allows them to use Flexa’s processing system to accept all the BTC payments.


Now you can visit Home Depot’s website to buy everything you need for your home or building project.

Whole Foods: Supermarkets embracing the blockchain

Whole Foods is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in the United States, and hence, it’s important that they’re accepting cryptocurrencies because it speaks loads about how fast the industries are embracing this type of payment.


They’ve partnered with the Spend app to accept payments with Bitcoin, Litecoin and the Gemini dollar. So, if you wish to pay with cryptocurrencies, now you can shop at Whole Foods with ease.

Starbucks: Because coffee and cryptocurrencies go hand in hand

Whenever you’re in need of a good dose of coffee, now you can visit a Starbucks and make a payment with bitcoin. Thanks to their partnership with the Bakkt app, they can accept and process all the BTC payments.


It’s available for all of their menu, which speaks very well about how big and popular brands are making it possible for crypto holders and investors to use their tokens and assets to acquire real-life products and services.


As you can see, big brands are already embracing the cryptocurrency revolution, especially now that we are in a bullish market with phenomenal exposure and increasing adoption all around the world in the most important industries.

If you know of any other big brand that is accepting Bitcoin, ETH, LTC or any other cryptocurrency, token or asset, let us know in the comments!

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