Get Pin From To Install Kodi Ares Wizard

When you want to install the Kodi Ares wizard or want to set up it on your device, then you require a pin. You can get the pin using the website It will offer you a pin that will activate your account, and you can enjoy this version of Kodi software.

Some people who are getting the problem on the last URL can try the website address to get the build pin to complete the authentication. It is like a key that you need to unlock the system, and it can occur on your system.

Before reaching to the process, first, we can discuss on the Kodi 17.1 Ares wizard build basic functionality that you people can understand.

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Basic of Kodi Ares Wizard

This software is a newer version, and it is a basic build that keeps the numerous Kodi add-ons inside it that you can get for free and stream any data by using this program.  You will get some excellent and popular streaming add-ons on this operating system.

You can use this build without any issue of hanging and other things. It is a pretty awesome Kodi version that people love so much. This reason attracted me towards, and I got this problem that we are discussing in this article.

People are using Kodi 17.6 Ares Wizard on their fire TV stick, Android and other similar devices and it is working for all of them. It is a plus point for the people who love to use the different, and I am one of them.  So, now I will explain the way to get pin using and put into to complete the installation.

kodi ares wizard

Get Ares Wizard Pin From

I faced this process that is the reason that I am the real helpful source that you can use to install Kodi on your system. I will also reply to your question, and you can connect with me in case you stuck in the process.

First, I will start the primary process of installation and download of the, and then we will reach the pin authentication from the source  And the last thing, please first read the complete guide one time and then try it with your system because you will get the right idea of it.

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Install Ares Wizard Build On Kodi

1. Start your Kodi device and reach the option with the title “system”.

2. Now press the “system setting” item and then select the term “add-ons”. (as you know you are installing a build that keeps the numerous add-ons)

3. After that “on” the “Unknown source” setting and click on yes, so you can able to add this build on your Kodi, otherwise, it will create the error at the time of installation.

Note: put the URL “” into your browser and download the ares wizard zip from the source.

4. You can choose any “media source” name for the addon before setup. At the time of process press the Ok after setting a title.

5. You need to go again on your Kodi screen and press “add-ons” button to add your file.

6. Select the package icon and tap it, now choose the setting “install from zip file” and choose the media source that we added in the last steps.

Note: a zip file that we downloaded from the link, need to upload according to the next step.

7. First Choose a directory with the name “repository.aresproject”. After that select the data that we downloaded from the source and press okay to upload it on your Kodi.

8. Now you uploaded the Ares wizard files on the Kodi system, but now we need to install in on the system to run it over our network.

9. Reach to the installation and go for the installation from the repository.

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10. Now, Select the “Ares project” folder and click on its “addons” folder and then press the click on the title “Ares wizard”.

11. Start the installation by clicking on it and complete the all installation process.

Pin Generation Using

12. Open the ares wizard and start it build with Kodi, it requires a pin that will be generated by the website (working in the present).

Note: You need a VPN to get a pin from the following URL because it is blocked in numerous places due to the issues with the streaming service.

13. Enter the pin that you got from the website as mentioned above and press the button to submit it.

Note: Some people also used the website address to get the PIN to complete the installation.  You can use it even if you are facing issue with other sources.

14. You also need to install “Pulse Build Krypton” from the list where we get the Ares wizard. Finish all installation and setups and start your addons to stream the data on your Kodi device.

Last Words

I wrote all the process that people are using on their Kodi device to install Ares Wizard build on your device. You can use the steps, and it will complete all installation of add-ons and other things. In case, some errors are continuously showing on your screen then please comment it here.

So, I will help you to get ares wizard pin from the following address, and it will also help the other audience. They will also solve their issue in conventional cases

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