Black Desert Mobile on PC: Download Free Android Emulator

A few decades ago, people used to play games just to pass the time, but now the gaming industry has become one of the largest businesses in the world. Many teenagers and young adults are making passive income by playing games. Today, we are going to share complete details about a world-wide popular game, Black Desert Mobile. We will review each element of the game carefully so that it becomes easy for you to check whether the Black Desert meets your expectations or not.

Black Desert Mobile only comes in a smartphone version. If you are not capable of playing games on the smartphone, then we have something special for you. Now, you can play Black Desert Mobile on your Windows-based PC by using LDPlayer. Using the LDPlayer, you can easily run it on your PC. A complete procedure is available in the article, so read it carefully without skipping any section.

1#) Black Desert Mobile – Best MMORPG Game

Black Desert Mobile is a popular mobile-based online multiplayer player game that is an inspiration of a PC fantasy Black desert online. Its graphics are totally amazing that will make you feel like you are playing a PC game. Many of its features like fishing, crafting, trading, and working are similar to the Black Desert Online.

Unfortunately, the Black Desert Mobile is not available for the Windows operating system, but still, you can enjoy this game on PC by using LDPlayer. The term LDPlayer will be making you confuse, but hang tight because we will discuss it in detail later in this article.

1. Gameplay

Black Desert Mobile is an action game that includes a lot of interesting features. You can play the game individually or with your friends. It is a third-person perspective shooting game in which you can do manual aiming and can also move freely in the environment. In the Black Desert Mobile, you can do fishing, farming, and also trading in order to earn game currency—many events held in the game that are beneficial for the players. You can enjoy player versus player and the castle battle modes.

The game features an ancient war environment that will take you to the old times. There are many characters in the inventory. Those characters can be customized according to your requirements.

2. Black Desert Mobile Features

A video game gets popular due to the multiple elements, including graphics and storyline. Many action games are available in the market, then why the Black Desert Mobile is the one of the most superior products among them? This is because a large percentage of video games are the same in the graphics, storyline, and other features. When it comes to the turn of the Black desert, you will find unique characteristics that will provide you great gaming experience. Here are some of the common features of the Black desert:

  • Graphics: Indeed, graphics are the most crucial elements of the game. While switching to the Black desert, you will get a bunch of beautiful HD graphics that will force you to check this game at least once.
  • Character Customization: Customizing a game character is not included in many of the action games, but the Black Desert facilitates their audience with this option. You can create or can make changes in your character’s appearance in the game.
  • Attractive Game World: Many players struggle to check the main options of the game, but for this game, you don’t need to watch YouTube tutorials or to seek help from someone. The possibilities are mentioned so clearly in the game that you will automatically come to know the function behind it.

2#) Is It Possible to Run the Black Desert Mobile on PC?

It is necessary to check for the game review before installing it into your PC. You don’t need to read any review of the game because we have shared each and everything about the game. Now, we are going to discuss one of the important questions that would be clicking your mind right now. Well, all of us want to know that how can we play Black Desert Mobile on PC? Indeed, it is impossible to run any of the Android applications on Windows-based PC, but LDPlayer is here for you to perform this impossible operation. In simple words, you need to install LDPlayer on your PC in order to run it perfectly.

3#) Why We Use LDPlayer?

LDPlayer is an Android emulator that is specially designed for gamers so that they can play every kind of video game without passing through any problem. Many people don’t have the skills to control a game character on a touch screen. For such kind of people, the LDPlayer is the most significant opportunity. Now, they can play any of the Android games they want on their PC.

LDPlayer has some special system requirements that should match with your system specifications, and you will get to know those requirements as long as you will move forward in the article. LDPlayer is free to use software that can be downloaded easily from its official website. Not only can you play Black Desert Mobile, but you can also access the complete Google Play Store on LDPlayer.

4#) System Requirements for Installing LDPlayer

Every software has some special system requirements; similarly, you should need to know the system requirements of LDPlayer before installing it in the PC. Following are the system requirements for installing LDPlayer:

  • Intel or AMD processor: X64/X86.
  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or updated.
  • RAM: Must be a minimum of 2GB.
  • Windows DirectX 11 or Graphic driver with OpenGL 2.0 should be available in the system.

You should enable virtual technology in the BIOS.

5#) How to play Black Desert Mobile on PC without facing any hurdle?

The first step, of course, is to install LDPlayer on your PC. Follow the steps carefully not only to install LDPlayer, but also to run any of the Android application correctly.

  • Search for the official website of LDPlayer and download the setup according to your processor size.
  • Right after the download gets completed, now, run the software setup.
  • Always compare the system requirements before installing LDPlayer, otherwise, your computer may get hanged.
  • Another main thing you should check is the software or driver requirements to install LDPlayer.
  • If all of the requirements are completed, then run the setup and install LDPlayer on your personal computer.
  • Access the Google Play Store and download Back Desert M
  • At this point, your PC has been started working on the Android operating system, so you can install and run the Android applications you want.
  • Now, run the .exe file and start enjoying the game.
  • You may face some problems in controlling the character with a mouse, but you can solve this issue by adjusting the mouse sensitivity.
  • You can also create key mapping as you want to get a quick response in intense combat. Many other tools like Operation recorder, Multi-player, APK Installer and, etc. Will help improve your gameplay experience.

Most of the time, your computer starts generating errors due to the lack of any hardware or the software. Being a responsible person, you should check out whether your computer meets the specifications of installing LDPlayer, though it can work even on low-end PCs.

6#) The Specifications of An Ideal PC to Run LDPlayer Smoothly

If you are having a good computer that’s cool, but in case you are planning to purchase a new one especially to install LDPlayer, then you must be checking out the following specifications:

  • There must be 150 GB free space on your hard disk.
  • The recommended size of RAM is 8GB, but 6GB RAM will also work.
  • A CPU or the processor should be Intel at least i5 7500 or upgraded.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 must be installed accurately on the PC.

7#) Conclusion

Black Desert Mobile is one of the best MMORPGs. This game comes up with a lot of interesting features that keep every individual engaged. In this article, we have discussed the Black Desert Mobile from different perspectives. You will find complete details about the gameplay, graphics, and other amazing features of it.  We have also shared a procedure through which you can run this Android game on PC by using LDPlayer. No doubt, LDPlayer is a renowned Android emulator that is totally free to use. Download LDPlayer today to enjoy the Black Desert Mobile.

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