Businesses You Can Start During Pandemic

This pandemic hit and drastically changed nearly all of our lives. From our social lives to our financial standing, we’ve all taken some major losses. However, this could bring some great new opportunities if you’ve been wanting to start your own business.

Whether we asked for it or not, this pandemic came and many of us were left with cut hours or, in some cases, with no job. This could be a chance to start the business you’ve been wanting to start, though. With the start of this new lifestyle, we may want to social distance from coworkers or just want to be our own boss.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some great business ideas that you can start from home today! These ideas will keep you socially distanced and paying those necessary bills.

Pet Products and Services

If you’re an animal lover, this one should be perfect for you. In this tough time in life, pet owners may need an extra hand. Or maybe they are simply looking for a local business to buy pet products from. Here are a few business ideas for pet lovers from The Pampered Pup:

1.Dog walker

Dog walkers get paid a decent amount of money, and the work isn’t too demanding (depending on the size of the dog). Ideal for anyone looking for a job that will allow them to get some fresh air, this business can promote your wellbeing and the pets as well. This is also good for social distancing since the amount of interaction can be fairly minimal.

  1. Pet sitter

With the financial tensions higher than normal, pet owners may be picking up more shifts or second jobs to make ends meet. This may cause the need for daycare for pets. If that is something you can provide, this could be the perfect business for you to start.

  1. Pet bakery

If you love pets and baking, why not start a pet bakery? Pet owners are always looking for healthy snacks and treats for their fur babies, and people love supporting local businesses. There is a lot of opportunities with this option. If your area has a farmers market, you may even be able to become a vendor.

Selling items

While home more often, you may start noticing you have a lot of stuff that you no longer have use for. Or maybe you love creating things. Either one of these could be the start of a great business for you to start!

1.Handmade items

Whether it’s a glamorous painting, jewelry, or whatever else you have the talent of making, there are certainly people out there willing to buy your product. With a lot of advertising on social media and preparing to ship your items, this could easily become a unique and rewarding business for you to start.

  1. Selling used items

A common problem for many people is waking up one day and realizing that you don’t genuinely have much use for a good portion of your stuff anymore. There are many websites, such as eBay, that give you the option of using that realization as a way to make money. Obviously, you can only get rid of so much of your stuff, but this could be a good beginning!

  1. Flipping items

If you’re creative, then you can make really good money from flipping items! This process probably requires more labor, but it could also bring in the most money. You start by buying “junk” furniture or anything you can fix, then fix it and sell it. Many people do this and show the process on big platforms, like TikTok, if you are interested and want to see how they do it!

Labor gigs

These jobs have always been around for anyone who is needing money. While these are more physical than the others, they can also bring in reliable income by creating consistent customers which can spread your business by word of mouth. Generally, more labor equals higher wages!


If you have a green thumb, you could be a superhero to those people who don’t. This path could include gardening, mowing, and a lot more. These jobs will always be needed, so it makes for a consistent business. If you enjoy yard work, this could be the perfect option for you.

  1. Photography

If you have a passion for photography, people love a good photoshoot! This certainly requires general knowledge and practice of photos and editing, but if you can learn then you could start a business overnight. Start with some promotion shoots, then if you’re photos catch the attention of others you should be good!

  1. Cleaning/babysitting

If you’re responsible, a tried and true job you can start is anything babysitting or house cleaning related. Of course, parents are going to want proof you are responsible and probably CPR certified, but if that is the route you are wanting to take it can be very interesting.

These are just a few simple business ideas that you can start during this pandemic. If they interest you, the first step would be creating social media for the business you choose and advertising as much as possible. If you’re able to do promotions and special deals to get the word out, it would probably boost people’s excitement in checking out your new business!

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