Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Fridge

Buying any commercial appliance is always going to be expensive. If you’re thinking about commercial refrigerators, there will be a lot going through your mind and it will mostly have to do with cost. You don’t want to buy expensive refrigerators only to have to replace them after a short while. It is also important that you’re exploring the alternatives if buying a new unit will leave a dent on the finances. Sometimes the solution could be as easy as searching for Portland Commercial Refrigeration Repair | Walk in cooler repair instead of budgeting for new refrigerators. If you want to buy new ones, here are some of the factors that you’ll need to keep in mind.

1#) Location

This is one of the first considerations you’ll need to have in mind when searching for a commercial refrigerator. Where in the kitchen is it going to be located? The location needs to be optimal for a refrigerator to be functional. After you’ve decided on a spot, make sure that you’re taking measurements so that you’re sure of the size of the fridge that you’ll be getting.

2#) Kind of Food to Be Stored

The kind of food to be stored in the commercial refrigerator is also going to have a say in the purchase. Are you going to be storing raw food, cooked, or both? There are regulations on how the different types of food are supposed to be stored and it is the commercial refrigerator that you buy that should make it easy to achieve compliance.

3#) Size

This is perhaps the most important consideration when shopping for a commercial refrigerator. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right-sized cooler for the operations of your kitchen to be a success. If you’re not sure about the square footage, the alternative would be to buy smaller units. You will have additional storage space and your kitchen will still run as smoothly.

4#) Stainless Steel

The quality of the refrigerator is only as good as the material that is made of. Since it could be a commercial kitchen, you want to look for a refrigerator that will not be hard to maintain. For that reason, you’ll want to avoid anything that is made of plastic or aluminum. Stainless steel is usually seen as the best option because it makes it easy to clean and sanitize which is crucial in a kitchen setting.

5#) Full-Length Door Handle

Since it is a commercial kitchen, you’ll want to have an easy time when opening the door. It should be an ergonomic and full-length door handle. Barred door handles don’t usually last. You might have to do the replacement sooner than you think. This shouldn’t be the case given how expensive commercial coolers can get. You should think about the number of times the refrigerator is going to be opened by the staff. If it is only for storage purposes, then it will not be as frequent compared to when you have to get food out on a regular basis.

6#) Cost

As we’ve already mentioned, commercial refrigerators don’t come cheap. The cost will also vary depending on the features that you’d want to be included. You just have to make sure that you’re getting multiple quotes from different providers so that you can have an idea of what you’ll be expected to pay depending on your needs.  There are brands that have a reputation for producing quality products. If you’re thinking about saving money, a solid door refrigerator is usually the recommended option. They’re not as expensive and you still get the quality you’d expect in a commercial refrigerator.

7#) Solid Doors Vs. Glass

This choice could come down to your personal choice and preferences. The amount of insulation required will also play a key determinant in the selection process. If the refrigerator is mostly going to be used for display purposes and you plan to save on electricity, a glass door will be the best option.


Your next commercial door refrigerator purchase should be taken seriously. You’ll be spending thousands of dollars on the purchase and it is imperative that you’re getting it right from the onset. Most commercial refrigerators will come with casters, interior lighting, and security locks as standard. Don’t just focus on the brand because there are companies that still offer high-quality commercial refrigerators at competitive prices. Make sure to have someone that is qualified with inspections and repairs with you whenever you’re making such a big purchase so that there are no potential issues down the road.

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