Buying wireless headphones online in Singapore

Increasingly headphone buyers in Singapore (SG) are preferring to purchase their headphones online because it is more convenient, a larger variety of brands, models of headphones are available and they may get a better price. While shopping for wireless headphones offline, the staff at the store where the headphones are purchased will usually offer free advice to the buyer on the features and popularity of the different models available. Since only the specifications of the headphones are provided online, some tips which will help the user buy online wireless headphones in SG and get the best deal are provided below.


Many of the headphone buyers, especially students and young people only have a limited budget for the wireless headphones which they wish to purchase. Hence they would like to find out the cheapest headphones available . Most of the online shopping websites allow the user to sort the headphones available based on their price. If the low to high listing option is selected, the cheapest headphones will appear first in the listing. Buyers who want the latest technology and features should check the high to low listing option, where the most expensive headphones will be listed first.


Usually people prefer to purchase high quality headphones available at a reasonable price. Most online stores can easily collect information on the headphones for which most orders were received, and how many people were interested in a particular headphone model. So the online shopper can choose the option to sort the wireless headphones available based on their popularity. The headphones for which most orders have been placed, will be listed first. Though the buyer may not be able to afford the most popular model, it is worth checking the features to understand why it is so popular.

New models

Like other gadgets, headphone manufacturers are always manufacturing new headphones incorporating the latest technology as it is being developed. While older headphone models were using Bluetooth version 4, newer models are using Bluetooth version 5 for better audio quality. Some users of wireless headphones are extremely wealthy and are willing to pay more for the latest technology, so that they can get the best audio quality under all conditions. So they should sort the different wireless headphones based on latest models, so that the latest headphones are listed first along with their price.

Other factors

Many of the headphone buyers are preferring to shop online mainly because they are getting good discounts on the retail price. So while shopping, there is usually an option to find the headphones on which there is a large discount. In some cases, the manufacturer has released a new model of wireless headphones and wishes to sell the old stock quickly. So the manufacturer may offer a large discount, which is attractive to those who have a limited budget. For example older models of Nakamichi wireless headphones using Bluetooth 4 are available online in Singapore at $99 only for a buy one, get one offer, which is substantially less than the retail price of $370 .

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