How To Change Minecraft Username {8 Step Guide}

Are you interested in Minecraft username change or do you want to change Minecraft username? The reason behind the asking these questions is that you did not like your username or you select it wrong in the starting phase of sign up.

Minecraft server or account handler Mojang offers the opportunity to their users to change Minecraft username according to their mindset. There are some terms and conditions every user need to follow before evolving their username because of the issues like duplicate and multiplicity of names.

How To Change Your Minecraft Username

change minecraft username

As you know when you purchase an account with Minecraft or Mojang to play this game you need an email, username, passwords, date of birth and some other information to complete the whole sign up process. On this website, you got a profile after completing the all registration process and paying an amount to start the game online.

If you want to change your Minecraft username, then you need to follow some of the policies that made for good user experience.

Terms To Follow Before Doing Change

  1. Your Minecraft username must be unique because Mojang gives only a single name to a single user. There are not similar username for two users on their database.
  2. After doing change with your Minecraft username, the user can not change it for next 30 days. It will lock for a period of a month to stop the replication with usernames.
  3. Every user also require to remember that he or she can not change Minecraft username available in console edition or PE thing.

There are some steps you need to follow in the exact progress to change Minecraft username in present time. You can change some characters, add the nickname, remove the last name and select some new or existed crazy names to show off on the Minecraft platform.

Any user can take a username that is previously used by any other player, but not in use right now. In below section, I just read the simple instructions, So as a reader, you will not have any complexity in your mind in the achievement of your goal.

Therefore, are you ready to change your Minecraft username using your Mojang account credentials?

Steps To Change Minecraft Username

Step 1: To start the process first reach on the Minecraft official website by entering the “” url.

Step 2: In the top left side of the header of this webpage, you can see a button named “login”. Click on this button, and you got your login page of Minecraft.

minecraft username login button

Note – You can also reach this page from the to by clicking on the login button there too. These both pages are arriving at a single page. So, don’t worry to choose according to your thought.

Step 3: On this page, you can see a login portion that needs some login values like email and password. After entering it, please click on the login button and reach to your account information.

Note:  These three steps are compulsory as you know because without login you can not change your Minecraft username.


Step 4:  Now you reach to a page where all of your account information placed with your old username. You can see your current username on this page and also see a “change” button near it. Click on it to change Minecraft username or replace with the older name.

Step 5:  Now you can view an empty text field that appeared with a requirement of the new username.

Note:- please follow the steps in the right manner.

Step 6: Fill it with the new username that you want to appear at the main page.

Step 7: After filling the new username, please click on the check availability button that exists near the text field.

Note: Check availability button will confirm that you can go with this new name or any other user also have that for their profile.

Step 8: Click on “change name” button after completing the above steps. Now you can see a text field that requires your password of the current account to validate that you are the authentic user. Fill it there and click on the enter button to almost complete the process.


So, these are the all steps now you are successful to change Minecraft username. It will appear when you log in next time and as I above mentioned that you could not turn it again for next 30 days.

As I thought, you got the information that you want from me, and I did my best in this article to offer you accurate information to solve the issue that you have regarding Minecraft username.

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