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Migration is the movement of a person or people from one country, locality or place of residence etc, to settle in another. Migration is, 1st and foremost, a normal human activity. Human beings have forever captive from ‘one country, locality, [and] place of residence to settle in another’. We tend to migrate from the homes of our families or guardians into our own homes.

We migrate between regions, cities and towns. And we also migrate between countries. The majority of the historical sources on this site are concerned with the latter type of migration – that between countries – but within the stories of the individuals and communities collected here all of the opposite kinds of migration also are drawn.

How To Get Moved And Change

As all the stories on this web site show, people have migrated and continue to migrate for a range of reasons, but the most common motivator for relocation has long been the desire for a better life. This need may be driven by uninhabitable circumstances during a home country or during a home – as is that the case for refugees and alternative exiles; it would stem from a way of journey and a need to examine what life is like on the far side an area of birth; it would be the merchandise of affection– for kids, or a partner, or a family; it are often a sense that lasts forever or one that fades away.

As these stories reveal, country-to-country migrants often have the same motivations as those migrants who move from region to region, city to city, or town to town within their country of birth. While there area unit several terms for various varieties of migration, history nearly always shows North American country that folks move within the hope that they’ll be ready to higher themselves, sometimes with that hope forced by extreme circumstances. It conjointly shows North American country that new arrivals face and still face similar challenges and realize similar successes there inquest.

Some History

When thinking of country-to-country migrants in Britain whether or not we have a tendency to area unit involved with the Romanyof the sixteenth century, the Scottish of the 18th century, the Irish of the 19th century, or Caribbean, Asian and Eastern European people in the 20th and 21st centuries – we see many similarities in experience, similarities which can make the study of migration history associate degree enlightening thanks to gain insight into all aspects of human life.

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