The Best Cheap Drones You Can Buy for Your Children

Children always break their toys after some days. It is better to buy the cheap drones for children from the market. If you are buying a drone for your self just to learn to fly then we have the list of the best cheap drones for you.

The drones we have mentioned in this article costs less than 50$. Despite their cheap price, they are durable and have great features. These drones are very fun to fly and best for practicing and mastering your flying skills. We also have the list of 8 best Drones Under 50$ for the beginners.

Best Drones Under 50

The drones are as follows:

Eachine E010 Mini

It is one of the small drones with high performance on the market. It is very easy to fly indoors due to its small size. Moreover, It can lip 360-degree and has a headless mode. Headless mode is very helpful when someone is new to flying a drone. The material of the E010 Mini looks very cheap but that does not mean it is not durable.

It is a tough drone that can survive hard crashes too. It has a slow speed mode too which is used for flying it indoors. But if you are flying outside then turn off this mode so the drone can handle fast wind. The flight time of this mode is 5 minutes which is good in this price range. Moreover, the battery needs 40 minutes to full charge. You can buy extra batteries to increase your flight time.

Holy Stone HS170

The controls of this drone are very simple and responsive. It is a cheap model with some great features and can also perform some amazing flips and tricks. This model also has a camera for taking photos but the quality is not very good.

This drone is designed to survive crash thus the best choice for the children. It has a propeller guard and rough cushion feet for landing. The prop guard protects the propellers from damage. The propellers can be bought from the market in case of damage. Moreover, it has three different flight modes for the beginner, expert, and experienced pilots.

Syma X5C

Syma is a very reputable company and has many models for each price range. This model comes with a camera which is of good quality. The design of the drone is sleek and beautiful. Moreover, this model has 6-axis gyro which helps it stay stable in the air. It can also do a 360-degree flip by the click of a button which is a fun feature.

The remote control is very good and less affected by the interference. The small size means you can fly it indoors without any problem, but if you want to take it outside then fly it in light winds. The flight time of Syma X5C is up to minutes if you are not using a camera.

Syma X11 Hornet

It is one of the best drones for the newbies. The drone design is very smart so that the flyers can fly it indoors. A charger is also included in the accessories for charging the drone batteries. It takes about 35 minutes to fully charge the battery.

You can also fly this drone outside but make sure the winds are not strong. The remote control consists of controls that most people do not like Anyhow, the controls are very responsive and easy to use. The maximum range of X11 Hornet is 30 meters. It can also do flip like many other models but try to use this trick in an open place otherwise you can get your drone damage.

Hubsan X4 H107L

This model is very small in size but the design is very sleek and attractive. This small quadcopter is very light in weight. If you remove the batteries from the drone, it weighs nothing. Due to its small size, you cannot fly it outside in wind.

This drone is specially designed for flying inside the house. The average flight time is about 9 minutes, but you can extend it by buying an extra battery. The range of H107L is 30 meters. Moreover, you can add a camera to this drone but it will decrease the flight time.

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