Chernobyl Tours: The Best Way To Explore The Exclusion Zone

The investigation of Chernobyl has become an integral part of international tourism. Thousands of extremal adventure lovers visit it with a great wish to discover all the secrets and confirm mysterious facts, widely spread between tourists. It is important to know how to make Chernobyl tours safe and find those who will help to get there legally. What ways of discovering the zone are available nowadays and how do tourists travel around the mysterious location?

How Are Chernobyl Tours Provided?


Most Chernobyl tours start from Kyiv, where you can start the way exploring the zone of secrets and riddles. Being there should be limited by constant periods, therefore organizations providing tours to Chernobyl usually make them different, which will be mostly expressed in prices and visited places.

Time-Depending Tours

The maximum acceptable time of being there is 2 days – it is a period, which will be safe both to the travelers and guides. Usually the tours are divided into such types:

One-day tour: it is good for those, who firstly attend the adventure and want to see the most popular places. As a rule, an atomic station can be admired (of course, from a safe distance) and residential areas are visited. It will be enough to feel the atmosphere of estrangement and get a lot of excitement.

Two-days tour: it will be suitable for those who want to know more about Chernobyl or have visited it for one day before. A maximum of locations are visited, and the guides tell practically everything about each place that was passed.

Private tour: the time of being in the zone is discussed between the tourists and the guide. Usually only a small amount of knowing each other people attend the tour. They can make their route and choose a team of video and photo makers, who will accompany them.

Ways Of Movement Over Chernobyl

During the tour, tourists are allowed to spend a limited on-air period and to do it only at the places where the radiation level is acceptable for it. However, a lot of movement ways are presented by touristic companies, which can be attended while exploring Chernobyl:

Traveling by bus: the most time of being in the zone tourists spend in the bus, which makes it possible to limit themselves from the radioactive pollution. The houses, forests, working platforms of the station – all of this can be admired from the window with the guide’s telling.


On foot-traveling: the safe locations are available for coming out from the transport. Tourists are allowed to take photos, touch the “elements of alienation” and feel the air impregnated with the disaster consternation.

Aviation tour: the zone is flown around by plane and all of its mysteriousness can be admired from the bird’s-eye view.

Traveling by all-terrain vehicles: no obstacles will be on the tourist’s way and even the most difficult to pass locations will be explored.


Exploring Chernobyl is a fascinating way to see what can change the life of thousands of people, who didn’t even expect the disaster. Visiting it is a courageous decision, but it will be an unforgettable experience.

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