Classic Mobile Games That You Need to Know About

Mobile gaming is getting more popular today. Casual gamers play mobile games in their free time or off from their work, but a hardcore gamer will spend most of their time playing their favorite mobile game. Some might even say that it’s a quick escape from worries and rigors of our daily life. But for the fanatics and enthusiasts, it is more than some pastime or hobby, but it’s their way of life.

In this article, we will discuss things that you might want to know about mobile gaming. If you have the right phone to play the most recent mobile games, you don’t need to worry about playing it or launching it on your phone. Smartphones and mobile gaming are somewhat synonymous with one another. People might not imagine a smartphone without mobile games. And because technology is improving from time to time, people don’t need to worry about playing more great mobile games in the future. Aside from this list, people can also visit more classic and great mobile games. So here are some classic mobile games that you need to know about.

1#) The Snakes — 1997

No one could have ever imagined that two decades ago, people were only playing this game on their bulky Nokia phones. So, let’s take a little walk back in the year 1997. It is the year that Nokia launched Snake, and it happened to be the most famous mobile game at that time. The game is preinstalled on some of Nokia’s phone models. People can also find this game in around 400 mobile phone devices, and from that time, it became one of those most played mobile games in history.

2#) Tetris — 2000

Some years after Snake was released, Tetris came knocking at people’s door and hailed it among the addicting tile-matching games that people had ever played in 2000. Before the iPhones, Tetris was well known on the iPods, where people use its wheels in navigating and stacking the puzzle pieces and arrange them neatly into piles.

3#) Angry Birds — 2009

Angry Birds is also among the nostalgic mobile games, and people can beat it in natural ways. After it was released way back in 2009, everyone seems to ride the hype playing the game, and they challenge their family or friends.

The main focus of Angry Birds is on its multi-colored birds attempting to save the eggs from the enemies called the green pigs. Although it’s among the mainstream games at that time, its release brought joy and fun to everyone.

4#) Plants vs Zombies — 2010

After a decade, Plants vs. Zombies was released. All you have to do to win the game is to defend your plants from those hungry zombies. It was also ranked as among the challenging games to play in 2010. And after a while, Plants vs. Zombies 2 dethroned the first version to be a successful game.

5#) Temple Run — 2011

Temple Run is the popular game in the year 2011, mainly with the iOS users, but after that, it was available on Android. It would not be a shocker to know that this game is still being played by many smartphone users and even have Temple Run on their phones.

6#) Flappy Bird — 2013

After a couple of years, this classic mobile game took a significant hit in the market after it was released. Although Flappy Bird doesn’t have great graphics like other mobile games, everyone was addicted to it, raving and challenging others. The players need to slide their scroller to let the bird fly and not hit the pipes.

7#) Takeaway

Mobile games are improving from time to time, from the graphics to their gameplay, it keeps on satisfying the expectation of gamers. It is also essential that when you play a game, you need to forget other things to enjoy it fully.

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