Classic WoW Phase 2 Is Coming! How To Get Your Main and Alts to Level 60 As Fast As Possible!

Classic WoW Phase 2 Is Coming! How To Get Your Main and Alts to Level 60 As Fast As Possible!

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced that phase 2 of Classic WoW is coming much sooner than expected – just a few weeks after BlizzCon! This came as a massive shock to players who were expecting phase 2 to be released sometime in December, with some players even theorizing it would be at the very end of December. Phase 2 is going live on November 12, which means players are now in a rush to get their main and alts to level 60 in time for the launch.

What’s Coming in Phase 2?

Phase 2 will see the introduction of two world bosses, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak. Azuregos spawns in Azshara and takes a strong group of well-geared level 60s to take him down and Kazzak spawns in the south of Blasted Lands. However, securing a kill of one of the bosses will not be easy because of the other addition in phase 2: PvP Honor System.

In phase 1, we’ve seen very little bloodshed between the Horde and Alliance factions. This is because there’s been no incentive to kill enemy faction players. That is all about to change. In phase 2, players will earn honorable kill points for killing members of the opposing faction who are within a similar level range to them. They will also receive dishonorable kill points for killing enemy players who are significantly below them in level. Players accumulate these honorable kill points to earn PvP ranks, so there will now be a huge incentive to kill other players! This means leveling is about to get a whole lot harder.

How To Power Level Your Character?

Make A Leveling Party

You want to form a leveling group that consists of four players around your level, and one level 60 character – preferably a mage, warrior, or paladin. You may be thinking that having a level 60 in your group means you’re going to get very measly XP, however, it doesn’t work like that. The algorithm works out an average level for your group, and you get XP based on that average.

What If You Can’t Find a Group?

There will be a bunch of players doing this exact thing right now so you shouldn’t find it too hard to find a party, however, what happens when your group members start doing something else? Type the following:

/who stockades 60

This will bring up a list of any level 60 players who are currently in the Stockades dungeon. Of course, you can replace “stockades” with whichever dungeon you want to join. You can whisper these level 60 players and ask if you can join their run, and usually find a new group without much hassle.

Will I Have to Pay Gold for This?

Maybe. If you’re just joining a group already doing runs for a guildie, then chances are you won’t have to pay the level 60 any WoW Gold Classic. The same is true if you’re forming a leveling group with your own guildies. However, if you want to use this method consistently, then you may come across level 60s who expect to be paid Gold for their service. If you want to level as fast as possible before World PvP hits, then you should consider buying WoW Gold and hiring a level 60 to run you through as many dungeons as possible.

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