Cloud IVR System: How Can This Be Helpful For Your Business?

You face several unusual challenges when you run a call center. Due to a constantly changing workload and the challenge of high staff attrition, call center work demands a great deal of flexibility. These problems are precisely why the introduction of an interactive voice response (IVR) solution that can efficiently support route calls by observing both caller and congestion patterns is important.


Cloud IVR solutions provide critical information and help in controlling call center managers who are assigned for maintaining high levels of agent performance and ensuring the legality and quality of daily business activities. Fortunately, implementing a cloud-based IVR solution is easy and allows you to respond to changing business realities at any time while ensuring high performance and compliance.


What is a Cloud IVR System?


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic voice response device that enables your voice to be understood by a computer and then you can connect or interact with the virtual receptionist of the IVR via the keyboard inputs.


IVR depends on pre-recorded questions and answers to interact with the callers. The benefit is that your customers can call at any time of the day and will be greeted with a welcome message first to improve the credibility of your company in the market and then you will be provided with the solution to your problem.


Benefits of Having a Cloud IVR System


Cheaper Operating Cost


Reducing costs of doing business is one field in which cloud IVR systems tend to be very successful. Time is lost and money can be misused as calls are enabled to overwhelm the contact center with zero flow management. The easiest way to filter calls as they come in is to incorporate a cloud-based IVR solution, to break callers into logical categories and then transfer them straight to the agent who can best serve them.



Reduce the Rate of Spam Calls


When your call agents are flooded by calls from customers, unwanted calls are more than just a nuisance; they clog phone lines and waste business time and resources. IVR is like a doorman at a nightclub, dropping spam and letting only quality calls proceed to be answered by agents.


Business is Closer to Customer


IVR makes the company highly accessible to consumers because it promises a response to any phone call. There are also times where, due to high call frequency, calls treated manually go unsupervised. Thus, the callers can be referred to automatically with the presence of cloud IVR and redirected to the voice message machine or touchtone identifier to collect their response.


Automated Scale Capacity


IVRs make customer care easier by automating many customer activities, such as payment collection, balance inquiries, and simple requests. Customers with more complicated needs or high-value issues that require a human touch can be referred to as the best agent, simplifying the process for everyone. In businesses, automation reduces the burden on customer service personnel and can reduce the total number of staff hours required to serve customer needs.


Enhanced Performance Tools


A wealth of strategic expertise is also provided to you by Cloud IVR. It enables you to monitor consumer call frequency, origin, and the timeline for starters. Concerning employee schedules, this proves useful. At some hours of the day or week, many call centers have higher call volumes. You ensure blockages are eliminated by monitoring this detail. This aims to minimize lost sales and poor client response.


On the other hand, cloud IVR systems also allow you to keep track of employees, which means you have access to the number of calls received, the total duration of calls, the percentage of total work done. compared to their co-workers and the amount of time spent in various states. This enables you to keep track of the employees’ productivity and overall performance. This feature helps identify troubled employees and train rookies.


Result Oriented Call Routing


A caller directed to the wrong destination is almost a customer lost to your company. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for the company to lead customers to the right goal immediately. This is where IVR’s role is important because of its results-oriented role in call forwarding.


For example, suppose there are different departments in an organization and a caller wants to connect to a specific person. A well-designed IVR can guide it to the right destination without human intervention.


Improve Customer Satisfaction


The greatest potential user experience is generated from a well-built, intuitive IVR because they discover a remedy they are searching for. In comparison, if the IVR is unable to assist, the phone line to connect to the live agent is still left available.


Cloud IVR increases various customer satisfaction factors such as call response time, response delivery, custom language preference, and more. IVR adds more potential to the customer experience that can be delivered in the phone call and reduces human requirements.

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