Collection of Luxury iPhone Cases

It’s important to keep your favored gadget safe, but it’s always better to have it properly styled as well. You can achieve these two goals with the luxury iPhone case offered by Labodét.

Labodét store specializes in luxury-segmented accessories; so, providing the guests with the feeling of convenience and easiness while using their phones is the brands’ main ambition. The items are featured in calf or alligator, ostrich, and python leather.

There are several types of iPhone leather case luxury designs available at the online boutique.

Classic Case. Simplicity is often a synonym for perfection. Classic cases are available in a range of colors and patterns. The metal details can be gold, steel, or black – just like at all the following models.

Folio Case. Folio is often perceived as the second step in a discourse of classics if we talk about phone cases. This design is available at calf, ostrich, or alligator, and it will be a good fit for iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max.

Pouch. Such design is, probably, one of the safest when it comes to transporting or putting the device in a bag. Labodét offers these cases in alligator, ostrich, or calf. Suitable models are iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max.

Strap Case. This type has an extra stripe at the back, which is convenient to use while holding the gadget on the go. Such a trifle prevents your iPhone from falling.

The models are available in two colors (coloré) or monochrome. Mostly, they are made of alligator, but there also is an option in calf or ostrich. These models will perfectly fit for iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Crossbody Bag. A one-of-a-kind item featured in Labodét, completed with a golden chain and alligator leather. A red-green duo bag looks elegant when worn over the shoulder, and it perfectly fits all the iPhone series, with or without a protective case.

Card Case. It’s undoubtedly convenient to have a credit card available on the tip of your finger, just where your phone is. Cases with such design have gained significant popularity among those who value their time and crave efficiency in every move. Labodét features the iPhone cases with a single card slot available at all the materials and several colors. Such items are available in dotted and natural leather pattern and will suit for iPhone 11 and all the subsequent models.

If you prefer having a couple of cards by your side, the brand also offers a Double Card Case. It has two card pockets and is available in a few colors. Double Card Case will fit for iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max. There is also an option to pick an alligator wallet with MagSafe – the difference is that the case itself is done in plain metalware.


Labodét cares about your convenience and image. The brand uses only 100% genuine animal leather, which is guaranteed to serve you long and well. It not only looks refine, but it is also exceptionally strong as a material. High-quality leather is always tear-resistant and is known for incomparable durability. The same goes for the jewelry part of the product – Labodét uses 18-carat gold in plating camera rings and logos, which are made stainless themselves. The metalware is, of course, hand-polished.

One last important thing to mention is that Labodét provides a free international shipment; so, you don’t have to care about the delivery nuances. The brand truly hopes to enrich your everyday routine with a little more quiet sophistication – the only thing you have to do to achieve it on the next level is to wrap your iPhone in a Labodét luxury case.

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