Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Those days are gone when the business owner has to test the website manually for smooth running in a different browser. It is the method through which the owner gets to know its site capability across the various platform.

This process is very time consuming and needs lots of effort. It is also known as the traditional method of testing that has been now replaced by an automated testing tool. Such a tool aims to offer faster rate testing of ability and compatibility without wasting time. We all know that time is very important and wasting it means lots of lose in the business.

Such types of tools have been developed in the form of Comparium.Comparium Tool Works Perfectly With Almost All Type Of Browser Link Internet Explorer For Mac And Chrome For Windows And Many More. It is a convenient and automated website testing tool that helps to check the site capability at different platforms and browsers in one place without wasting time. This way you can easily take other needs of business and efficiently reach the set goal. This tool also saves efforts of the person by removing the hassle of testing

Even by using the first version of the tool you can test the website free of cost. But now it has brought a new version as it cost some amount due to its advanced features. The tool also helps to test the website functionality following different operating systems.

We know that today people using different sizes and operating system gadgets and to reach every customer site should smoothly run on different mobile phones without any hassle. Sometimes the size of the site gets complicated due to which it can’t get open at all android devices. This way, brand awareness can’t expand and you miss to target the right audience. Targeting the right audience helps to bring traffic and with conversion can easily increase the production rate.


Features Of Comparium Tool

To make the website perfect means growing business with great speed and get on the top position in the large crowd. In the competitive world running a business with the same service and products is not an easy task. To have online marketing means taking caring of each detail otherwise you can lose the position with bad results.

Security testing

Many times we have sight that the website looks perfect from the outside and when open it creates an issue. This mainly happens due to bugs in the site. When you upload the website on different platforms and browsers then somehow it brings bugs with them. So, it is very necessary to offer security from such things otherwise it can ruin whole effort and time. With the Comparium testing tool, you can also have a security test with ease. Now you do not need to take stress about the bugs and other cookies effects on the site.

Requirement based testing

The tool also offers a feature of testing according to the requirements of the business owner. It means if they want to check the compatibility of the site with a limited part then they can do it easily. This way you do not need to wait for a long time and upload the video as soon as possible. It depends on the requirement of business that how much they want to explore among customers.

Provide testing automatically

When you use any other tool for testing then it requires a person to sit in front of the system. But with the Comparium tool, you do not need to waste time by sitting as it provides automated results to the email address. For checking the website you have to just submit the URL on the tool and then leave remaining work on it. This helps the business owner to keep an eye on other things and maintain equal balance among the business with an effective outcome.

Test script reviews

To make the user aware of the errors and changes you can easily follow the screenshot offered by the tool. This is the best feature of the tool as you can easily explore mistakes to take care of it in the future. With Reviews, option user knows about their effort where they remain back and it can make website at the last position. This makes sure that the customer gets the perfect work without any hassle.

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